Personalized Lithium Battery Labels

With the changes in lithium battery shipping regulations, these lithium battery handling labels are required on all packages carrying lithium ion batteries or lithium metal batteries.

If you're shipping lithium batteries by air, you're in the right place to find the quality labels you need to stay in compliance. These labels have outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance and feature strong adhesion. They come in two sizes (120mm x 110mm and 105mm x 74mm) and are made of paper, PVC-free film or laser paper for great adhesion to corrugated boxes.

All of these lithium battery handling labels are designed in accordance with international air regulations, and help to keep your shipments in compliance to ensure that they are safe and properly handled by all personnel.

Visit our Lithium Battery Shipping page for more information on safely shipping lithium batteries.

Steps to personalizing your label:

  1. Find the product you need from the options below
  2. Choose the personalized product from the list on the product group page (generally with a 'P' in the Item Number)
  3. Click the Personalize button on the product page
  4. Follow the instructions in the tool to personalize your label today

Choose from the following Personalized Lithium Battery Labels: