Personalized Proper Shipping Name Labels

Use Labelmaster’s Personalized Shipping Name Flammable Gas Labels to comply with two requirements. Available in 100mm x 120mm (standard tab), 100mm x 150mm (extended tab) or 100mm x 160mm (jumbo tab) these Hazard Class 2 labels include the hazard class label and proper shipping name marking in 6mm or 12mm type on one label.

When ordering, specify the proper DOT shipping name and UN Number. Each order is verified by our Regulatory Department to ensure accuracy.

Labelmaster's Personalized Shipping Name Flammable Gas Labels meet the design and durability standards of 49 CFR, ICAO and other international air regulations. The Hazard Class 2 labels can help you stay in compliance with standards set forth by the DOT. Hazmat labels are printed with light-fast inks for high durability, and adhesives are formulated for use in various climates and environments. Once affixed, Personalized Shipping Name Flammable Gas Labels won't fade or fall off.

Steps to personalizing your placard:

  1. Find the product you need from the options below
  2. Choose the personalized product from the list on the product group page (generally with a 'P' in the Item Number)
  3. Click the Personalize button on the product page
  4. Follow the instructions in the tool to personalize your label today

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