DOT Hazmat Labels, Placards, and Markings - A Guide

NOTE: Last update March 30, 2013.

Hazmat Labels, Placards, and Markings

Hazmat Labels, Placards, and Markings Infographic

Labels, placards, and markings are indispensable compliance products. Adhering to stringent regulatory standards, Labelmaster offers a multitude of options designed to help you comply with hazmat regulations. At Labelmaster, we respond to the ever-changing demands of the hazmat industry. Choosing the correct labels and placards is vital for the safe handling and shipping of hazardous materials. The hazmat labels, placards, and markings infographic can help your company. Click the image to enlarge the hazmat infographic. Infographic copyright of Labelmaster.

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Hazard Class Labels

Flammable Liquid Hazmat Label Labels are standard hazmat identifiers, designed to meet regulations. Hazard class labels and handling labels are placed on hazardous material packaging such as UN certified packaging, or overpacks.

Shippers are responsible for choosing the correct labels for their shipments. Labeling a material incorrectly can result in costly shipping delays, fines, and injuries. If you're not sure which hazard class label fits your needs, use Labelmaster's Label FinderSM.

Why are labels important?

What do hazmat labels look like?

Miscellaneous Hazmat Label Corrisive Material Hazmat Label Organic Peroxide Hazmat Label

Where are hazmat labels placed?


DOT Placards are larger, more durable versions of hazard labels that are usually placed on bulk packages or transport vehicles to communicate the hazards of chemicals inside.

If you need assistance determining which DOT placard fits your needs, use Labelmaster's Placard FinderSM.

1993 4-digit Placard

Why are DOT placards important?

What do DOT placards look like?

Where are DOT placards placed?

Incorrect Hazmat Placard Orientation - Miscellaneous Hazard Class 9 Placard Correct Hazmat Placard Orientation - Flammable Liquid Hazard Class 3 UN 1230 Placard


Limited Quantity Marking Label Markings are additional identifiers that further describe a package. They are added in addition to hazmat labels and placards. They are essential for complying with 49 CFR regulations and staying safe while transporting dangerous goods.

Why are hazmat markings important?

What do hazmat markings look like?

Orientation Labels - Up Arrows Consumer Quantity ORM-D Label This Package Conforms to 49 CFR Marking, 173.13 Environmentally Hazardous Substance Marking

Where are hazmat markings placed?