Revolutionary Packaging for Lithium Batteries

Lightweight, heat-containing, and ICAO G-27 Compliant

Labelmaster is introducing a simple, lightweight lithium battery packaging that contains pressure, fire, flames, gasses, and ballistic projectiles. These lithium battery packages comply with ICAO G-27 draft standards at a 50% state of charge, with a U.S. DOT Special Permit approval pending.

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This new packaging will be available in two formats:


Lithium battery packaging benefits:

  • Scalable — Support for shipping small, medium, and large quantities of lithium batteries
    and devices
  • Customize — Optimize packaging for the needs of individual customer solutions
    or specific types of batteries and products
  • Passive Systems — Ease-of-use, reduces training time, and minimal maintenance costs
  • Environmentally Safe — No disposal costs for toxic or hazardous chemicals
    and no special handling costs

These lithium battery packages do not require gel-packs, heavy liners, pellets, or fillers, and meet proposed domestic and international standards for all modes of transport — even air.

Don't believe it? Watch these videos:

Omega Box - Reliable, Re-usable Omega Pak - Lightweight, One-time Use


Industry Application
Battery manufacturers Air shipping to original equipment manufacturer
Retail, 3PL, Insurance Reverse Logistics – single use application
Manufacturing, Labs Battery charging and storage
Medical device manufacturing Critical device transport
Waste management Battery disposal, defective battery transport

If you would like to test a prototype of this revolutionary packaging — or just want to learn more — email Marilyn Barkley or call 773.279.2285.