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The two-volume IMDG Code has the required regulations and instructions for anyone shipping dangerous goods by vessel.

The perfect-bound set includes detailed requirements for labeling, marking, documentation and training requirements for articles defined as dangerous.

The Code also identifies cargo in the various classes deemed as marine pollutants and includes packaging requirements for each article, as well as testing procedures for large and small packages and containers.

Printed editions of this international maritime dangerous goods code are available in English and Spanish, and also in packages that include additional UBS and web version digital formats.

02/20/2015 - Errata published by IMO.

Product Description Price
IMO0022 37th Amendment, 2-vol. Set Per Set
IMO0023 37th Amendment, 2-vol. Set, Spanish Per Set
IMOPBBS2014 37th Amendment, 2-vol. Set w/USB, Standard Bound Per Each
USBIMO37 37th Amendment, USB Drive Per Software Program
WEBIMO37 37th Amendment, Web Version Per Software Program