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2012 ERG is Always in Stock - 2016 ERG Coming Soon

The 2012 ERG contains the latest dangerous goods lists from the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, as well as from other international and national regulations. Various information sections have been expanded and/or revised, including the Table of Placards and Initial Response Guide to Use On-Scene, the Rail Car Identification Chart, and the Road Trailer Identification Chart. See other 2012 ERG Changes.

Labelmaster's 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook Mobile Application

A must-have resource for first responders and hazmat shippers Labelmaster's ERG Mobile Application is available thru the iTunes store! Labelmaster's 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook Mobile Application contains the most recent edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook, offers user-friendly search functionality and a wealth of information related to hazardous materials. The ERG app includes search features to help you find your material faster than thumbing thru the book. Labelmaster's 2012 ERG mobile app has an amazing user interface optimized for both iPad and iPhone. Search by UN ID (ERG yellow pages), name of material (ERG blue pages), guide number (ERG orange pages - printable with AirPrint compatible printer), or browse by placard.

Download the 2012 ERG app for only $2.99 at the Apple Store today!

ERG Mobile Application Feature Highlights

Features unique to Labelmaster's 2012 ERG Mobile Application:

The ERG Material Profile Page – The ERG Material Profile Page includes Labelmaster's ERG Information Table™ and hazmat reference information from the DOT Hazardous Materials Table.

  • Labelmaster's ERG Information Table™: Unique to Labelmaster! Save time, view all the ERG information related to a material in one table. Labelmaster's ERG Table™ includes material UN number and name, guide number with link, material hazard class, material notices (if material is polymerizing, toxic, water reactive, or a chemical biological agent), shipping label and placard, and the hazard code (HIN).
  • Hazmat Shipping Information: Great for shippers! View the hazmat reference information from the DOT Hazardous Materials Table related to each ERG material. Link to Labelmaster's Dangerous Goods Advisor™ (DGA™) for each material to gather hazmat reference information.

Browse by History – Quickly jump to materials you regular visit with the stored history feature.

Labelmaster's Hazmat Gallery – Great for training! We have created industry related inforgraphics specifically designed for the Labelmaster 2012 ERG mobile application. Special gallery images include:

  • DOT Hazmat Incidents Report Infographics
  • Hazmat Charts and Guides
  • Hazmat Posters

Download the 2012 ERG app for only $2.99 at the Apple Store today!

2012 Emergency Response Guidebooks Still Available

2012 Emergency Response Guidebook For First Responders

2012 ERG Book, Standard Bound 2012 ERG Book, Spiral Bound
2012 ERG on CD-Rom   2012 ERG on USB Flash Drive

Don't Wait! Order Your Copy of the 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook Today.

2016 Emergency Response Guidebook

The 2016 ERG should be available in Fall of 2016. Please check back frequently throughout the year for the more information on the 2016 version of the Emergency Response Guidebook. On September 2, 2014 PHMSA released a 2016 ERG Call for Comments message.