Wall Protectors

Wall Protectors
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Wall Protectors guard the corners of production plants, distribution centers, industrial warehouses and other facilities. Wall protectors feature a 90° bend that fits snugly around corners to provide long-lasting protection against forklifts, lift trucks or other mobile vehicles. Wall guards are constructed of welded steel piping. Wall protectors come in a safety yellow powder-coated finish that is scratch resistant. Wall guards are available in 24", 36" and 42" heights with 24" and 30" lengths. Additionally, wall protectors are provided in heavy-duty polyethylene and come complete with mounting kit.

Product Description Price
KYTEG24-244 24"H x 24"L Per Each
KYTEG24-364 36"H x 24"L Per Each
KYTEG24-424 42"H x 24"L Per Each
KYTEG30-244 24"H x 30"L Per Each
KYTEG30-364 36"H x 30"L Per Each
KYTEG30-424 42"H x 30"L Per Each
KYTEGKIT Mounting Kit Per Each
KUCP Corner Protector Per Each
KUWP Wall Protector Per Each
KUIBP I-Beam Protector Per Each