International Air Waybill

International Air Waybill
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The International Air Waybill form (AWB) is non-negotiable and used as a receipt of and contract for cargo transportation between the consignee and air carrier. The Air Waybill form is effective during air transport and during any collection or delivery activities pertaining to the shipment. In a global marketplace, the Air Waybill form is subject to possibly three types of carriers in one journey including the contracting, actual and successive carrier. The AWB form is useful in liability issues or challenges.

The International Air Waybill forms come in a pin-feed format. The pin-feed forms are available in 6-part and 4-part, 8.5" x 24" formats and packed fan-folded, 250 forms/box. The AWB form on the reverse side contains the 1) Notice Concerning Carriers Limitation of Liability and 2) Conditions of Contract.

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Product Description Price
CF3480-6 6-Part Per 250
CF3480-4 4-Part Per Case