Explosive 1.3 Placards

Explosive 1.3 Placards
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The Department of Transportation has expanded the number of DOT explosive placards from 3 to 35 (the number of DOT classification codes possible). Labelmaster's Explosive Class 1.3 Placards display the Division Number which is the classification code for an explosive and the Compatibility Group Letter which conforms to the UN System.

These Explosive Hazard Class 1.3 Placards are designed to meet all 49 CFR DOT Placard specifications as well as the requirements of the UN System. Explosive Hazard Class 1.3 Placards measure 273mm x 273mm. Sold in packs of 25. Also sold in cases. Case quantity based on material.

Product Description Price
PSR60 1.3 C, Removable Vinyl Per 25
PSP60 1.3 C, Permanent Vinyl Per 25
PL60 1.3 C, Tagboard Per 25
81-SP13C 1.3C, Aluminum Per Each
PSR61 1.3 F, Removable Vinyl Per 25
PSP61 1.3 F, Permanent Vinyl Per 25
PL61 1.3 F, Tagboard Per 25
PSR62 1.3 G, Removable Vinyl Per 25
PSP62 1.3 G, Permanent Vinyl Per 25
PL62 1.3 G, Tagboard Per 25
PSR63 1.3 H, Removable Vinyl Per 25
PL63 1.3 H, Tagboard Per 25
PSR64 1.3 J, Removable Vinyl Per 25
PL64 1.3 J, Tagboard Per 25
PSR65 1.3 K, Removable Vinyl Per 25
PL65 1.3 K, Tagboard Per 25
PSR66 1.3 L, Removable Vinyl Per 25
PL66 1.3 L, Tagboard Per 25