Orange Panels for DOT Placards

These tough, durable orange panels can be used with worded DOT placards to meet the marking requirements in 49CFR or IMDG hazmat shipping regulations.

Orange Panels

When required, the 4-digit identification number for a chemical must be displayed on the outside of a vehicle that is carrying hazardous materials in bulk or more than 4,000kg of a single hazardous material in non-bulk packages. The orange panel must be displayed on all four sides of the vehicle. These orange panels are available as pre-printed 4-digit orange panels or blank orange panels that can be filled in with 4" removable vinyl numbers that are sold separately. Orange panels are made of permanent vinyl, ez-removable vinyl or non-adhesive tag board. Orange panels measure 400mm x 160mm. Prices per each.

Labelmaster's full line of orange panels has everything you need to stay in compliance with 49 CFR or IMDG regulations.