Easy Cut™ 2000 Utility Knife

Easy Cut™ 2000 Utility Knife
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The easy-to-squeeze trigger activates the blade, and 2 extendable edge guides allows both left- and right-handed workers to use the knife. The holster/lanyard system prevents employees from placing the box cutter in pockets or leaving it out.

The Easy Cut™ 2000 Utility Knife has three precise blade depth settings (single corrugated box/tape, double corrugated box or utility knife) that opens boxes without cutting the product inside. The box cutter's blade has a patented round/blunted tip to protect product. In blade positions 1 and 2, the blade extends 1/16" greater, and in blade position 3, the blade extends 1/8" greater than the standard Easy Cut™. Additionally, the edge guide will lock out when the trigger is squeezed for straighter, safer cuts.

Easy Cut™ 2000 Utility Knife is available in yellow and is sold per each. Replacement blades are sold in packs of 80.

Product Description Price
K997005YEL Knife Per Each
K9548BLD Pack of 80 Replacement Blades Per Pack