UN Certified Packaging

Labelmaster has a full line of UN certified packaging to meet your needs. We offer a complete selection of special permit packaging options in addition to general packaging options including 4GV packaging, glass packaging, metal packaging and plastic packaging. Labelmaster is your trusted source for hazardous material packaging. Shop the selection available below.

UN Packaging

At Labelmaster, we offer UN-certified hazmat packaging that makes it simple to stay in compliance with the latest hazmat shipping regulations. We offer specialized packaging options including 173.13 packaging, special permit packaging, battery packaging, infectious substance packaging, parts packaging and temperature controlled packaging. In addition, drums, jerricans, pails, wooden boxes, glass bottles, plastic bottles, caps and accessories are available. UN Packaging has been designed, tested and certified in accordance with 49 CFR, ICAO, International Air Transport and IMDG/IMO requirements. Made of 200# or 275# DW corrugated, UN packaging is suitable for Packing Groups I, II or III liquids or solids. Additionally, Labelmaster Packing Services-DGM can provide packing, crating and auditing services to address your dangerous goods shipping documentation needs. To learn more about UN markings visit our UN markings resource guide.