How to Lift, Move & Carry Things Safely Training Booklet

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How to Lift, Move & Carry Things Safely Training Booklet
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Publisher: BLR-Business & Legal Reports, Inc.
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Medium: Paperback
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How to Lift, Move, & Carry Things Safely Booklet

Featuring new, appealing artwork, this booklet stresses that safe lifting starts before workers even touch the load! Teaches them to plan safe lifts, proper loading, and what to do if an injury occurs. You can't reinforce the message of safe lifting enough - your workers compensation rates depend on it. Pass this booklet out at your next training session or have it available in your break room as a constant reminder. Your employees need to be drilled in the safe way to lift, move, and carry, and this colorful booklet is the way to do it!

Topics covered in this booklet include:

  • How to plan a lift
  • How to use equipment - dollies, carts, handtrucks
  • Anatomy of a lift
  • Checklist of safety lifting reminders
  • How to lift unusual items - sacks, bulky objects, etc.


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