49 CFR Hazmat Transportation Regulations

For Domestic Shipping and Transporting of Hazardous Materials

What is the CFR?

CFR refers to the Code of Federal Regulations, which is the codification of the regulations published in the Federal Register by the Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government of the United States. The CFR is divided into 50 Titles that represent broad areas subject to Federal Regulation. Title 49 of the CFR is the Department of Transportation regulations that include hazardous materials transportation regulations and federal motor carrier regulations.

If you handle hazardous materials or hazardous waste, or if you are a shipper, carrier or freight forwarder, the 49 CFR is a must. These regulations cover requirements for markings, labels, placards, shipping papers, training, emergency response and performance-oriented packaging standards. Domestic transportation regulations for highway, rail, air and water are included.

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Early 49 CFR
Early 49 CFR Code of Regulations

Available 6 months earlier than the government release.
49 CFR
49 CFR

Government's two-volume set with pipeline regulations.
MasterRegs 49 CFR
MasterRegs 49 CFR

Highlights regulatory changes for easy training.

Compare the 49 CFR Code of Federal Regulations Book Options

PublicationEarly 49 CFRGovernment
49 CFR
49 CFR
Area of AuthorityDomestic
ModeGround, Rail, Air, Water
RevisedOct. 1, 2022Oct. 1, 2022Nov. 1, 2022
EffectiveOct. 1, 2022Oct. 1, 2022Oct. 1, 2022
AvailableNov. 2022Summer 2023Dec. 2022
FormatsStandard Bound, Spiral Bound, & Book Combos

Compare and Contrast the 49 CFR Features

FeaturesEarly 49 CFRGovernment
49 CFR
49 CFR
4-Digit Number
Cross-Reference Table
Adhesive Tabs
Changes Highlighted
Color Bordered Hazmat Table
Color Display of Hazmat Labels & Placards
Easy-to-read Hazmat Table
Final Rules
"How to Use the CFR" Section
Labelmaster Exclusive
Regs Alert w/Additional Information
Regulatory Changes
from 49 CFR
Single Volume
Tabbed Sections

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49 CFR Online Training

Everyone who handles hazmat is required by the U.S. Department of Transportation to be trained every three years, as specified in the 49 CFR Part 172.704 - Stay compliant with Labelmaster's General Awareness Hazmat Training. Labelmaster's interactive online courses are always up-to-date with the latest regulations and meet the minimum training requirements specified in the 49 CFR for employees shipping and handling hazardous materials as well as employees of ground carriers accepting, handling, loading and transporting hazardous materials.

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