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Capsuloc™ — The Next Generation of Hazmat Shipping Container

Finally, the Dangerous Goods supply chain has an alternative to traditional "paint can" secondary containment packaging for hazardous materials!

Meet Capsuloc—the lighter, safer, more convenient hazmat container.

New Dangerous Goods Packaging Technology

"Paint can" containers are a headache. They leak, they dent, and they require tools for opening and closing.

That's why we invented Capsuloc — new Dangerous Goods packaging technology that makes the paint can look like, well, an old paint can.

Paint Can Shipper
Needs ring locks for a compliant sealAdvanced design provides a compliant seal with no ring locks
Needs tools to closeCloses by simply twisting the cap
Needs tools to openOpens by simply untwisting the cap
Lock Rings break easily and need to be replacedDoesn't have lock rings at all
Dents easilyWon't dent
60 kits per pallet120 kits per pallet
Kit weight 5.08 lbsKit weight 3.47 lbs. (32% lighter)

You Should Also Know That Capsuloc™:

UN TestingAll Modes of TransportationRecyclable
Has undergone rigorous
UN testing
Can be compliantly shipped by all modes of transportation with a UN 4GV packaging kit and pressure tested inner containerIs completely recyclable

Made in the USAReusable
Is made in the USAIs reusable over and over again*

Capsuloc kits weigh 32% less than paint can kits, so they cost less per unit to ship.    Twice as many Capsuloc kits fit on a pallet, so you can keep more inventory in the same space.

Kick the Can!

Capsuloc is perfect for shipping anything you currently ship in a kit that uses paint cans for secondary containment. Its lower weight will save you freight costs, and its advanced technology will save you spills, leaks, smashed fingers, and multiple headaches.

If you ship hazmat, it's time to kick the paint can—forever.

Ready for a lighter, safer, more convenient hazmat container?

Capsuloc Packaging

Still Have Questions about Capsuloc?

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* The Capsuloc™ HDPE container is reusable when using a new UN fiberboard box kit and following inspection criteria guidelines.