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Partnering for Compliance and Safety

Hello, CHEMTREC® customers! Welcome to Labelmaster.

We are excited to partner with CHEMTREC to become their exclusive supplier for hazardous material shipping labels, markings and decals. For over 50 years, we've been helping companies – big and small – to navigate and comply with the complex, ever-changing regulations that govern dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Labelmaster’s comprehensive offering of industry-leading software, products, and services help our customers remain compliant with all dangerous goods regulations, mitigate risk, and maintain smooth, safe operations.

We now feature a line of Labels and Placards for the most extreme conditions your products encounter as well as a complete line of CHEMTREC labels and markings to help keeps your shipments compliant.

If you are interested in registering as a CHEMTREC customer, learn more at You can also read more about our partnership... Chemtrec and Labelmaster Team Up for One Reason: Safety.

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CHEMTREC Lithium Battery Marks with Emergency Contact Information, 120mm × 110mm

CHEMTREC Lithium Battery Marks with Emergency Contact Information, 100mm × 100mm

CHEMTREC Lithium Battery Marks with Emergency Contact Information, 105mm × 74mm

CHEMTREC Lithium Battery Marks with Emergency Contact Information, 100mm × 70mm

CHEMTREC Emergency Vehicle, Truck, and Phone Markings

CHEMTREC Rail Tanker Emergency Vehicle, Truck, & Phone Markings

Hazmat Labels, Placards, and Markings for Extreme Conditions

Labelmaster offers hazmat labels, placards and marks that endure the harshest conditions the supply chain can dish out.

Oily Surfaces

Oily Surfaces

Stop wasting time cleaning oily surfaces before you apply labels or placards. The adhesive backing on these labels and placards absorbs oil, so it adheres directly to lubricated surfaces—textured or smooth.

View our products for Oily Surfaces.

Solvent Exposure

Solvent Exposure

These placards or labels stand up to the harshest conditions for extended periods. They offer superior chemical and abrasion resistance while also resisting acids, humidity, high temperatures and UV exposure.

Wet Surfaces

Wet Surfaces

In the kinds of wet, damp and cold conditions where other labels and placards might slink off and hide, a high-tack rubber-based adhesive keeps these adhered. They also stay stuck to low- and high-energy substrates and can be applied from 10°F to 150°F. Useful anywhere.

View our products for Wet Surfaces.

Cold Environments

Cold Environments

Severe cold can damage ordinary labels and placards, but not these. With material designed for cryogenic laboratories, they adhere down to -320°F. The edges resist lifting even with repeated changes in the surrounding temperature.

Ultraviolet Exposure

Ultraviolet Exposure

Could your drum labels take constant sunlight for months on end without fading? These can. Their topcoat resists fading and deterioration for up to two years, and offers superior resistance to acids, moisture and solvents from -40°F to 257°F.

View our products for Ultraviolet Exposure.

For more information, call us at 1.800.621.5808, or email our Product Manager, Jill Resendiz.

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