Other Violations

We care about our customers and want to ensure your compliance in any situations. For additional help, we've compiled a list of other common violations so that you're aware of their requirements.


General Requirements

Registration Requirements: Failure to register as an offeror or carrier of hazardous material and pay registration fee:
Cite: 107.608, 107.612.
Small business or not-for-profit: $1,200 + $600 each additional year
All others: $3,500 + $1,000 each additional year
Failure to carry a hazmat registration letter or number in the transport vehicle
Cite: 107.620(b): $1,000

Security Plan

General Requirements

Failure to provide in-depth security training when a security plan is required but has not been developed.
Cite: 172.702. Included in penalty for no security plan.
Failure to provide in-depth security training when a security plan is required and has been developed.
Cite: 172.702. $3,100
Failure to develop a security plan; failure to adhere to security plan:
Cite: 172.800. $3,700 - $9,300
Section 172.504 Table 1 materials: $9,300
Packing Group I: $7,500
Packing Group II: $5,600
Packing Group III: $3,700
Incomplete security plan or incomplete adherence (one or more of four required elements missing)
One-quarter (25%) of above for each element.

Special permits

General Requirements

Special Permits and Approvals.
Offering or transporting a hazardous material, or otherwise performing a function covered by a special permit or approval, without authorization:
Cite: 171.2.
After the special permit or approval has expired: $1,200 + $600 for each additional year.
After the special permit or approval has been terminated: $5,000 to $25,000.
Failure to comply with a provision of a special permit or approval (when no other baseline is applicable):
Cite: 171.2.
That relates to safety: $4,000 and up.
That does not relate to safety: $500 and up.


Offering a leaking or damaged package of explosives for transportation:
Cite 173.54(c): $12,500 - $16,500
Offering a Class 1 material that is fitted with its own means of ignition or initiation, without providing protection from accidental actuation
Cite 173.60(b)(5): $15,000
Packaging explosives in the same outer packaging with other materials
Cite 173.61: $9,300
Failure to attend Class 1 explosive materials during transportation
Cite 177.835(k): $3,000

Radio active material

Class 7—Radioactive Materials:
Failure to include required additional entries for radioactive material on a shipping paper, or providing incorrect information for these additional entries
Cite 172.203(d): $2,000 to $5,000.
Failure to mark the gross mass on the outside of a package of Class 7 material that exceeds 110 pounds
Cite 172.310(a): $1,000
Placing a label on Class 7 material that understates the proper label category
Cite 172.403: $6,200
Placing a label on Class 7 material that fails to contain (or has erroneous) entries for the name of the radionuclide(s), activity, and transport index
Cite 172.403(g): $2,000 to $5,000
Failure to meet one or more of the general design requirements for a package used to ship a Class 7 material
Cite 173.410: $6,200

Oxygen generation

Oxygen Generators Offered by Air:
Offering an unapproved oxygen generator for transportation
Cite 173.168: $25,000
Offering an oxygen generator for transportation without installing a means of preventing actuation, as required
Cite 173.168: $12,500 to $25,000
Offering an oxygen generator as spent when the ignition and chemical contents were still present
Cite 172.102(c)(1) Special Provision 61: $35,000

Manufacturing, reconditioning, testing

Packaging Manufacturers (General):
Failure of a manufacturer or distributor to notify each person to whom the packaging is transferred of all the requirements not met at the time of transfer, including closure instructions
Cite 178.2(c): $3,100
Failure to comply with specified construction requirements for non-bulk packagings:
Cite 178.504 to 178.523: $4,000 - $12,000
Packing Group I and § 172.504 Table 1 materials $12,000
Packing Group II $8,000
Packing Group III $4,000
Failure to keep complete and accurate testing records:
Cite 178.601(l).
No records kept: $5,000
Incomplete or inaccurate records: $1,200 to $3,700.
Improper marking of UN certification
Cite 178.503: $600 per item.

Carrier requirements

Incident Notification:
Failure to provide immediate telephone/online notification of a reportable hazardous materials incident reportable under 171.15(b)
Cite 171.15: $6,000
Failure to file a written hazardous material incident report within 30 days of discovering a hazardous materials incident reportable under 171.15(b) or 171.16(a)
Cite 171.15: $6,000
Failure to file a written hazardous material incident report within 30 days of discovering a hazardous materials incident reportable under 171.15(b) or 171.16(a)
Cite 171.15: $4,000
Failure to include all required information in hazardous materials incident notice or report or failure to update report
Cite 171.15, 171.16: $1,000
Shipping Papers:
Failure to retain shipping papers for 1 year after a hazardous material (or 3 years for a hazardous waste) is accepted by the initial carrier
Cite 174.24(b), 175.33(c), 176.24(b), 177.817(f): $1,200
Stowage/Attendance/Transportation Requirements:
Transporting packages of hazardous material that have not been secured against movement
Cite Various: $3,700 and up.
Failure to properly segregate hazardous materials
Cite Various: $9,300 and up.

This website is designed to provide accurate information regarding the subject matter covered. The violations listed can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations 49-Parts 100- 185. Early Edition published by Labelmaster. Pages 41-54. Every effort has been made to provide a simplified guid consistent with the various applicable regulations. However, if there is a discrepancy, the regulations are the final authority.