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Custom Aluminum Case Battery Packaging

Aluminum Case Battery PackagingEveryone shipping lithium ion batteries must adhere to 49 CFR 173.185 based on the size, power rating, and stage of the battery's life cycle. They are a known safety risk, and Labelmaster now offers a UN Hazmat certified case for lithium ion batteries that are:

  1. Prototype
  2. UN 38.3 Tested (most common)*
  3. Damaged, Defective, or Recalled
  4. Destined for Recycle or Disposal
* The first, third, and fourth stage or class can only be shipped by road, rail or vessel. The second can be shipped via road, rail, vessel or Cargo Aircraft Only (CAO).

These cases are constructed of Aircraft Grade Aluminum, are available in custom sizes, and are easily stackable. Aluminum delivers excellent durability and weight savings in a smaller footprint. The cases are impervious to the elements and can withstand a temperature range of -238° to 302°F; and are UV, water, weather and corrosion resistant. Aluminum is not affected by the elements like plastics and other composite materials. The cases feature a rugged, fully welded frame and ergonomic spring handles that automatically stow for safe shipping.

These aluminum battery shipping cases are ideal when shipping batteries that are 300wH or greater. If your battery is less than 300wH, please see our Obexion line of packaging.

Why Aluminum is Superior to Plastic

Image title Extremely lightweight, very high strength to weight ratio

Image title Easy to customize and maintain finishes, 100% Recyclable

Image title Magnetically neutral, excellent conductor of electricity and heat

Image title High temperature range without deforming (-238° to 302°)

Image title Impervious to UV, weather, wind, rain, water, and corrosion

Image title Very strong, resistant to shattering upon impact

Additional Information:

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Custom Configuration for Lithium Batteries
  • Passed Fire Test with 500 Watt Lithium Batteries (100% state of charge)
    • Fire Completely Contained and Filtered
    • No Thermal Runaway, Adjacent Cells Protected
    • Exterior Temperature Remains Below 100° C

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