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Dangerous Goods Compliance Worldwide

A complete suite of services, technology and products to ensure your dangerous goods supply chain is compliant and harmonized across modes and countries.

Dangerous Goods Compliance Worldwide, a Labelmaster company, employs and partners with the most experienced dangerous goods professionals throughout the world. We understand the complexities of dangerous goods transport from regulatory and operational perspectives.

Services we offer:

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Country/Site Prioritization

Identify which location(s) and/or countries that are most critical to your company

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Item Identification and Classification

Determine which products are DG and are most critical and/or problematic to your company supply chain opperations

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Process Standards

Develop DG-specific operating procedures that can integrate effectively and efficiently with your company's existing operations; establish label and packaging sourcing

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Technology Assessment

Provide options and ideas on how to integrate DG technology into your company's existing ERIP/WFS/TMS platforms for increased efficiency and regulatory confidence

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Training Development & Execution

Based on your company's learning goals, build a scalable training program that adds real business value

Product Supplier

With more than 50 years of service to the hazmat shipping industry, we’ve put our expertise to work assembling the broadest selection of high-quality products for every DG shipping need. And you can rest assured that these products are 100% compliant with all applicable regulations.

Dangerous Goods compliance can be a value-added component of supply chain operations that boosts your location's profitability.

Country/Site Prioritization

We can work with your teams to identify which location(s) and/or countries that are most critical with respect to DG transport and provide consultants in each country for assistance in the local language.

Item Identification and Classification

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  • Review product data records to identify which products are considered DG
  • Support and provide classifications for dangerous goods regulated products for inbound and outbound shipments
  • Understand your company’s technical and IT systems that could potentially support DG parts classification management
  • If determined to be a dangerous goods regulated item in the transport chain, we will provide UN Number, Proper Shipping Name, Class (sub-risk if applicable), Packing Group (if applicable) in a format that is directed by your company
  • Depending on existing technical platforms, we may be able to provide ideas on how product data can be immediately accessed and managed by all locations

Establish DG Standard Operating Procedures

  • Develop DG-specific operating procedures that can integrate effectively and efficiently with existing operations; establish label and packaging sourcing
  • Required regulatory documents in appropriate locations
  • Readiness for Dangerous Goods incidents and employee safety issues
  • Hazardous materials training programs and records
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to regulatory requirements
  • Packaging, hazard marks/labels, and documentation for outgoing shipments
  • Loading and receiving processes related to Dangerous Goods
  • Hazardous materials handling compliance

Technology Assessments

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  • Review existing ERIP/WFS/TMS technology platforms to uncover opportunities to streamline and integrate DG parts management, shipping/handling procedures and regulatory validation into a more streamlined process
  • For example, Labelmaster’s Dangerous Goods Information System’s API enables Web Services-compatible programs to link to Dangerous Goods content, providing validation and producing shipping papers. To the user, it appears as if everything is part of the same system, but behind the scenes users benefit from up-to-date hazardous materials tables, robust DG validation checks, and compliant shipping papers

Training Development

  • Development of complete training curriculum based on DG process
  • The training curriculum and execution will align with the requirements of hazmat employees’ functions, based on what materials they ship and what mode (air, sea or ground) those shipments use
  • Our approach will ensure appropriate recordkeeping, scheduling, recurrence reminders, and training assignments — so your certifications are up-to-date and at the ready
  • We can offer a number of options that can be customized to teach the specific items and procedures
  • Instructor-led webinar sessions, including digital exam and certification
  • Online eLearning courses, including digital exam and certification
  • Hybrid: A combination of instructor-led and self-service online learning modules

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