2018 DG Confidence Outlook Survey Results

The 2018 survey is Sponsored by Labelmaser, IATA, and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin.

DG Confidence Outlook Results

The third annual Global Dangerous Goods Confidence Outlook is the definitive outlook for the worldwide dangerous goods industry based on the thoughts and attitudes of DG pros across the globe.

DG Confidence Outlook Results

Shipping dangerous goods (DG)/hazardous materials (hazmat) is complex and high risk, and those responsible for compliance have an increasingly critical job. In an effort to better understand today's DG landscape, Labelmaster, IATA, and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin partnered to survey DG professionals around the globe about how their organizations approach DG shipping and handling and the specific compliance challenges they face.

The survey covered personal profile information, including: respondent location, most common DG hazard class materials handled, contact role, etc.; training and DG enforcement concerns; compliance challenges; use of technology; comparison to the 2017 survey results; and other leading industry concerns.

Here are some of the key results from the survey:

Most Commonly Handled DG

Most Commonly Handled DG Hazard Class by Respondants

DG Challenges

Which Type of Technology Companies Use to Ship DG

DG Challenges

DG Professionals Job Concerns

DG Compliance Challenges

Challenging Factors Faced by DG Professionals

DG Confidence Outlook Results

About the Survey

The survey was conducted online between May 2 and June 15, 2018. This survey was open to DG pros and was not limited to Labelmaster customers, International Air Transport Association (IATA) members or subscribers of HCB media. It was promoted within Labelmaster, IATA, and HCB marketing properties.

All questions were developed by Labelmaster, IATA, and Hazardous Cargo Bulletin. Management of the survey and tabulation of the results were conducted by an objective third party. Neither Labelmaster, IATA, nor HCB has shared contact lists or information with each other or any other outside parties.

The data and results are copyrighted by Labelmaster, IATA, and HCB.

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