Dangerous Goods Supply Chain

Moving dangerous goods (DG) safely and in compliance takes the coordinated efforts of everyone involved at each step in the DG supply chain.

More than half a billion shipments of hazmat cross the country every year with 1.4 million hazmat shipments per day in the U.S. These shipments are touched in the supply chain by shippers, carriers and receivers. There are rules and regulations that govern DG shippers, carriers, and receivers, and those rules are changing all the time.

Move smoothly from A to Z, by maintaining compliance throughout your supply chain, you can help ensure your business stays productive and profitable, while avoiding:

  • Fines imposed by domestic or international shipping regulators
  • Delayed shipments to customers
  • Additional costs for unplanned storage or relabeling/repackaging during delays
  • Shipping incidents that can damage your reputations

Labelmaster is here to help. With years of industry experience and a deep understanding of DG shipping regulations across multiple modes of transportation and international borders, Labelmaster is your trusted advisor when it comes to moving DG.

Dangerous Goods Shipper Responsibilities
Dangerous Goods Carrier Responsibilities
Dangerous Goods Receiver Responsibilities

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