Dangerous Goods Shipper Responsibilities

It is the DG shippers responsibility to determine the suitability of all hazardous materials, forms, labels and packaging in accordance with the applicable regulations. Labelmaster can help your company comply using our products, services, and software.

Customer quote - DGIS has increased outbound shipping capacity by more that 60 percentDG Consulting, and Software

Stay ahead of the curve with your DG shipments by implementing a customized, top-to-bottom supply chain strategy anchored by our industry leading consulting, shipping services and software. With more than 3000 substances classified as DG, including everyday items like batteries, cleaning products, compressed air dusters, adhesives, paints and cosmetics, you may be shipping regulated materials and not even know it.

Regulatory Publications

Help avoid penalties by training your staff on DG shipping regulations—from IMO and ICAO to DOT—with the latest print and electronic publications. With the right resources, you can easily determine the proper mode of transportation for your needs and identify the labeling, packaging and documentation requirements for safe, compliant and on-time shipments.

Regulatory publications help determine:

  • Which – mode of transportation best meets your shipping needs
  • What – requirements must be met for transportation compliance
  • How – to properly label, mark, package and document a shipment

Regulatory Books Made Simple

DG - Hazmat Labels

We stay on top of complex, ever-changing DG regulations to ensure our wide selection of labels meet or exceed regulatory requirements. These efforts contribute to uninterrupted, on-time and fully compliant shipments for your business.

Anatomy of a Label

UN Packaging

Our full line of UN packaging makes it easy to stay in compliance with the latest DG shipping regulations. These products have been designed, tested, and certified in accordance with 49 CFR, ICAO, and IMO requirements to meet your needs during the shipping process.

Guide to Ordering UN Packaging
Answer these 5 questions to determine what packaging you need.

  1. What type of inner container will be used? (glass, plastic, can, bottle, jar)
  2. What mode of transportation will be? (ground, air, marine)
  3. Does the inner container need to be included with the package?
  4. What is the materials packing group?
  5. How much will be shipped?

For more information on UN markings see our UN Markings Guide - How to Read and Identify UN Packaging Codes.

UN Markings Code Infographic

Click to download the UN Markings Infographic PDF to enlarge.

Shipping Supplies

When you've got the proper shipping supplies at your disposal, getting your products from point A to point B quickly, safely and compliantly can be a snap. Our wide selection allows you to package and mark your DG shipments for shipping across the city or across the world.

DG Forms

Shippers Declaration Form Using the correct shipping and transportation forms can help you avoid common violations* involving undeclared shipments, DG improperly declared on shipping papers and unauthorized emergency response numbers. You can use our DGIS software or compliance publications to quickly identify the appropriate forms for your shipments and then have us personalize them for you to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance.

We also offer pre-printed forms. Use our custom product tool to personalize pre-printed forms with your company information.

* Learn more about common dangerous goods shipping violations.

Shipping Container Security Seals

Secure it. Protect it. Don't risk it. Don't take chances with your valuable DG shipments. Prevent theft and damage throughout your supply chain with indicative seals to help identify whether products have been tampered with, damaged or broken into.

Security Seals Guide
Security Seals Guide: At Labelmaster, it's straightforward to stay in compliance. We offer indicative seals, security seals and high security seals, many of which are C-TPAT/ISO 17712.2013(E) compliant. We have collected vital seals information in this Security Seals Guide.

DOT Hazmat Placards

Enjoy worry- and hassle-free DG shipping when using our durable, fully compliant placards and markings. They feature easily identifiable icons and bright UV inks that resist peeling, chipping and fading, and are available in multiple materials and formats.

Labelmaster stocks more than 150 of the most commonly ordered 4-digit hazmat placards. Order today and it ships within 24 hours!

Anatomy of a Placard

Find DOT Hazmat Placards with Labelmasters Placard Finder

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