Benefits of Using an E-procurement Platform

Streamline Your Procurement Process, Increase Compliance, and Save Money

Labelmaster supports many e-procurement platforms including Ariba, Coupa, Hubwoo (Perfect Commerce), Smart by GEP, SAP S/4 and many others. Check with us, if we do not currently support your platform we can work with you and develop what is needed to support your e-procurement platform. Our systems support CXML and OCI communication standards. We support both static product catalogs and e-procurement punchout. We look forward to meeting your company's e-procurement needs.

What is an E-procurement Platform?

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E-procurement, also know as electronic procurement, is a software or web application based automation of product, supply, equipment, service procurement processes and the automation of buyer processes to enable easy purchasing from suppliers. The e-procurement platform is designed to centralize and organize interactions between orgnaizations, suppliers, and supply chain partners to improve speed and efficiency of procurement processes.

By using e-procurement software your organization's buyers can post needs, plans, forecasts, and more. The requests can be routed to your procurement department and undergo approval procedures. The approved requests turn into orders and are handled by buyers or get purchased directly from approved suppliers using a product "static" catalog or punchout website portal.

Combining the functionality of a supplier website and e-procurement software, the e-procurement portal organizes the procurement processes in one place. There are many advantages to using the e-procurement platform with a supplier product catalog or punchout website.

Advantages of Using an E-procurement Platform

  • Purchase from limited, company-approved supplier list
  • Simple, consumer-like ecommerce buying experience
  • Electronic product and supplier sourcing
  • Improved workflows and documentation make the processes audit friendly
  • Enhanced invoice processing
  • Manage spending and ability to analyze spending trends
  • Improved purchase order accuracy
  • PO management and order transparency
  • Compliance to procurement process requirements
  • Time savings — streamlined product acquisition and payment process
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What is an E-procurement "Static" Catalog?

An E-procurement Catalog, sometimes called a static catalog or e-procurement product catalog or CIF catalog, is an electronic file containing a list products. The file contains required and recommended fields defining the product title, description, price, unit of measure (UOM), UNSPSC code, and more. The catalog file is produced by the supplier and hosted by the customer (the buyer) using an e-procurement platform. There are many benefits for using an e-procurement catalog.

Benefits of Using an E-procurement Catalog

Static e-procurement catalogs are fast and easy to implement. We can get you up and running in as little as two or three days.

  • Can limit product selection to specific products or product groups
  • Catalog field content is fully managed by the supplier
  • Products maintain strict requirements, including UNSPSC code, UOM, pricing, etc.
  • Provide improved product information accuracy

What is an E-procurement Punchout?

The are 2 primary types of e-procurement punchout, Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 — Punchout catalogs let buyers from the e-procurement platform access content from the supplier's e-commerce website so buyers can search for, compare, and select what they want to buy, then return shopping cart items to their e-procurement platform for approval and purchase.
Level 2 — Punchout, combines a punchout website with a CIF "static" catalog to create a single shopping environment for punchout catalogs and catalogs stored in the e-procurement system.

Benefits of Using an E-procurement Punchout

We've been working on punchout implementations for years. We will work with your implementation team to get you up and running in no time.

  • View full product catalog - more options, more selection
  • Active, up-to-date pricing and availability
  • Full product info, specifications, technical and shipping information
  • Access to other important website tools and resources
  • Purchase personalized/custom products
  • New products are available ASAP
  • No product maintenance required by the buyer's organization
  • Most consumer-like ecommerce buying experience

How Does Your Company Get Started?

If your company is using an e-procurement platform, let’s connect! We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for purchasing your dangerous goods labels and markings, DOT hazmat placards, online training, regulatory publications, UN packaging, shipping forms, and more. To request an e-procurement connection with Labelmaster, fill out and submit the form below. We will have our implementation specialist contact you. You can also contact your Labelmaster Sales Representative or give us a call at 1.800.621.5808.