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What is a Flip Placard?

A flip placard is a metal placarding system that allows you to change the DOT placard legend. Some flip placard systems also allow you to change the UN ID numbers to match your dangerous goods - hazmat commodity. Self-contained, these aluminum alloy placard panels slide over easily on aluminum hinges and use strong secure clips to lock the panels in place during your haul.

Labelmaster Flip Placard Systems

All of Labelmaster's hazardous materials placards are printed with vibrant, durable UV inks for long life. These inks impede peeling, chipping and fading. Labelmaster customers say Labelmaster flip placards are "high quality" and are the "best placarding systems available". Labelmaster flip placards are trucker approved!

All Labelmaster flip placarding systems are:

  • Made in America
  • Durable
  • Secure in any Road and Weather Conditions
  • Convenient
  • Compliant

Choose from a different number of panel options, standard frame and corners, split frame, trimmed corners, white frame, and more.

Spacemaster - The original flip placard system

Duo-Flip Placards - The ultimate in convenience, flexibility, and efficiency

Slidemaster - The Slide-in Placard Holder

DOT Hazmat Placards

With rugged on-road capabilities and unparalleled performance, Labelmaster's DOT hazmat placards are impressive in any element.

What Makes Up a Best-in-Class, Safe, and Secure Flip Placard?

You don't want to cut corners when purchasing a flip placard system. Labelmaster's Spacemaster is the original, pioneered in the late 1970's and optimized by the original designers, Labelmaster provides the proven best-in-class flip placard system.

  1. Strong Metal Frame - Labelmaster flip placard base plates are made of corrosion resistant, fully formed, rigid aluminum.
  2. Flip Hinges - Our easy glide hinges help stabilize panels and numbers and provide space for easy flipping. Hinges can hold up to 17 different placards in place.
  3. Secure Clips - Double-riveted stainless steel pressure fastener clips lock panels securely in place.
  4. Mounting Sockets - 4 mounting sockets are specially forged of extra sturdy aluminum corner brackets that make installation on carrier doors and panels easy.
  5. Compliant Placard Panels - Constructed of aluminum alloy and mill roller coated with white acrylic paint baked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Legends are silk screened with vibrant UV inks to protect against fading, chipping, and peeling.
  6. Numbers for UN IDs - Available in our Duo-Flip placards, flipping numbers give you easy access to any 4-digit number; a new number and placard when your load changes.

Labelmaster's Best Selling Hazmat Flip Placards