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Hazmat Shipping Paper Software

Labelmaster is a trusted source for all your hazmat shipping needs. You won't find a more complete selection of all that's necessary to ship hazmat/dangerous goods anywhere else. Find out how you can quickly and accurately fill your hazmat shipping papers.

DGIS Hazmat Shipping Software Helps Drive Efficiency

Labelmaster's hazmat shipping software is simple web solution and the fastest way to ship your dangerous goods safely and accurately. DGIS takes the guesswork out of preparing a dangerous goods/hazmat shipment by giving the shipper detailed regulatory guidance, by mode and carrier, so their items get to their intended destination without delay. And if your customers are happy, you are happy.

The Regulations are Built In... You Don't Have to be a DG Pro!

  • Validates your shipments against the regulations
  • The Dangerous Goods Advisor is the regulatory engine that drive DGIS. It is updated regularly to keep pace with new rules as they chang
  • Features DGLs for IMO/IMDG, ICAO/IATA, 49 CFR, ADR, & TDG
  • Can be either a stand-alone solution or can Integrate with ERPs, WMS and TMS systems and carrier shipping programs. DGIS is certified FedEx DG Ready.
  • Provides easy-to-follow diagram for labeling & markings
  • Produces and prints shipping papers, like Dangerous Goods Declarations
  • Saves shipment & package templates
  • Saves contacts in address book
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Hazmat Labels, Placards, Forms, and UN Certified Packaging

Find hazard class labels, custom labels, DOT placards, hazmat shipping papers and a complete selection of UN certified packaging at Labelmaster.

Hazmat Labels, Custom Labels, Battery Labels, and More

Online Hazmat Training

DOT Placards

Hazmat Shipping Forms

UN Packaging

Regulatory Publications

Do You Ship Lithium Batteries? Obexion can Transform Your Processes

Obexion Packaging Reduces the Risks of Lithium Battery Fires

Obexion Lithium Battery PackagingAdvanced Technology Simplifies Safer Battery Transport

New Obexion packaging — exclusively from Labelmaster — is a complete line of protective packaging solutions engineered specifically for shipping and storing lithium batteries and devices that contain them.

  • Represents a fundamental shift in packaging technology
  • Packaging options range from basic fire retardance (Obexion Pro) to enhanced thermal runaway mitigation (Obexion Max)
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations
  • Learn More about Obexion Packaging

Online Hazmat Training

Online training provides the flexibility to take your course anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. You choose how and when to fit it into your work day which means no lost productivity. We have 9 new engaging training modules to help your business stay in compliance.

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