10 Ways Labelmaster Software
Can Meet Your Hazmat Shipping Needs

NOTE: Last update June 12, 2013.

DGIS Express - Ship Hazmat Safely 1. Reduced potential for shipping delays caused by errors on shipping papers or improper packaging or other incorrect information.

Labelmaster's software and online resources allow you to access current regulatory information, reducing the chance of improperly prepared shipments. With DGIS Express (formerly Masterform by Labelmaster®) you will have the tools needed to accurately create hazmat shipping papers and avoid possible costly shipping delays and regulatory fines.

2. Searching abilities allow for easy navigation through the regulations. See DGIS Regs.

If you're not familiar with all the various domestic and international regulations, searching for a specific topic may be like looking for a needle in a haystack! Labelmaster streamlines the process by providing searching abilities in RegStick® and DGIS Regs. Search by phrase, keywords, or section and find whatever you're looking for quickly.

3. Current regulatory information keeps you on top of and allows you to prepare for recent regulatory changes.

Labelmaster software and online resources are updated regularly, so you can be confident you are using recent and accurate information to prepare your shipment, avoiding the potential for costly shipping delays and regulatory fines.
The latest revisions are also highlighted, allowing you to prepare for upcoming regulatory changes.

4. Streamline the process on completing shipping papers.

Filling out shipping papers manually can be a tedious, time consuming process, and the information recorded may be copied inaccurately. With DGIS Express completing shipping papers is a snap. Creating shipping paper templates is fast and easy. DGIS Express always includes an up-to-date chemical table, providing the tools to help assure your shipping papers are completed accurately and in compliance with current regulatory requirements.

5. Shipmate and other training programs provide employers an alternative to sending employees to costly seminars – savinglost time from the office and money for travel expenses.

Required by DOT, every hazmat employee must receive both General Awareness and Function Specific Training, but sending your employees to training seminars can be an expensive proposition. Labelmaster's CD-ROM based training programs let you control the time and location of training. In addition, for about the same cost of sending one person to a training seminar, Labelmaster's CD-ROM based training can be used to train numerous employees.

DGIS Express - Ship Hazmat Safely 6. Lithium Battery Advisor can advise and guide your company to classify and safely ship lithium batteries by air.

Shipping lithium batteries by air requires complex regulations due to the dangers found in electronic devices. The DGIS Lithium Battery Advisor is the first online tool developed to simplify the complex process of shipping lithium batteries. Simply answer a few questions about your battery or device, such as what type of lithium battery is being shipped or whether the battery is contained in equipment. The Lithium Battery Advisor will then produce a guidance document for your lithium battery shipment.

7. DGIS Regs enables companies to have access to regulatory materials online. Online access to regulations saves money and time as it allows for quicker answers to regulatory questions and needs.

Ever found yourself trying to answer regulatory questions at a remote location, having left all your reference manuals and regulations back at your office? This is no longer a problem with the DGIS Regs. This online resource can be utilized at any location with Internet access, allowing you to view DOT, ICAO, IMDG and OSHA regulations quickly and easily. DGIS Regs even allows licensed users to share information within other users or between multiple locations.

8. DGIS Express (formerly Masterform by Labelmaster®) saves time when generating shipping papers.

Tired of spending hours preparing shipments and completing shipping papers only to find out they contain incorrect information? Labelmaster has a solution. By using DGIS Express in conjunction with DGIS Regs and RegStick you can complete the hazardous materials shipping documentation using current regulatory information, helping to ensure your shipment has been prepared in full compliance with government regulations.

9. You are still reading? Great! Move on to number 10.

10. All Labelmaster Software is supported by experts who provide excelent customer support.

Labelmaster provides technical support for every software and online product we sell. Whether you need help getting a program up and running or smoothing out some bumps along the way our technical support staff will be happy to help, just give them a call at 1-800-578-4579.

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