FedEx FX18 Operator Variation

The following is the text of FedEx Express variation (FX 18). This operator variation appears in the international air regulations effective January 1, 2011.

Effective Jan. 10, 2011, FedEx Express will require all Shipper's Declarations originating in the U.S., excluding all 023 air waybill shipments*, to be prepared using only the following methods:

  1. FedEx approved vendor software application;
  2. preapproved shipper proprietary software; or
  3. FedEx Express Automated Shipping Solutions that have dangerous goods error checks.

Note: A list of approved dangerous goods shipping application vendors can be reviewed at; "dangerous goods" (keyword). Shipper declaration "templates" from FedEx Express will no longer be accepted.

Note: FedEx Ship Manager® Software and FedEx Ship Manager® Server both have dangerous goods edit checks. The interactive templates previously available on will no longer be offered as of January 10, 2011 to U.S.-based customers.

*FedEx International Express Freight® (IXF), FedEx International Airport-to-AirportSM (ATA) and FedEx International Premium® (IP1) shipments.

Masterform and DGIS - Approved Vendor Software Application

FedEx-approved dangerous goods software vendors. Most approved dangerous goods software vendors offer both standalone software and Internet-based programs. Some provide a one-time option for occasional shippers.

Labelmaster is one of a select few vendors that has been reviewed and approved for use with FedEx Express dangerous goods shipments.

Approved VendorDangerous Goods Software
LabelmasterDGISTM - Formerly known as MasterformTM
LabelmasterDGISTM (Dangerous Goods Information System)

If you use shipper-proprietary software with dangerous goods edit checks, contact the FedEx Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials Hotline at to have your company name added to our pre-approved list.

Compare Approved Dangerous Goods Software Applications

We are confident that you will find DGIS the best dangerous goods shipping application available and Labelmaster the best company to work with. Labelmaster has over 12 years experience developing the most used dangerous goods shipping software, Masterform. DGIS is the fastest and most affordable way to ship dangerous goods safely and accurately. Instant - Accurate - Safe - Secure, let DGIS work for you.

For more information on Labelmaster's UPS and FedEx-approved software
 and the FedEx FX18 variation please call 1-800-578-4955.