Labelmaster Hazmat Label Material Types

Hazard Class Label Materials

At Labelmaster, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products. Below is a list of the materials we use to produce our hazard class labels.

We stay on top of complex, ever-changing DG regulations to ensure our wide selection of labels meet or exceed regulatory requirements. These efforts contribute to uninterrupted, on-time and fully compliant shipments for your business.

All Lablemaster Hazard Class Labels meet DOT standards including the new design requirements of 49 CFR 172.407.

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For 45 years, Labelmaster has helped companies comply with regulations governing the labeling of products for safe shipping and handling. You can be confident that Labelmaster labels are of the highest quality and will meet all of your labeling needs. Labelmaster labels feature the following:

  • Outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Strong adhesion to painted, steel, fiber, and plastic surfaces
  • Regulatory compliance per 49 CFR

Hazmat Labels


Vinyl is a strong and durable plastic material formed by combining ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl requires very few natural resources to make and utilizes minimal energy to manufacture. Vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity.

Labelmaster vinyl labels are virtually indestructible:

  • Automotive-grade ink pigments and specially formulated adhesives
  • Rugged 3.4-mil flexible vinyl
  • Pass the 90-day IMO seawater immersion test

Inspecting Hazmat Labels


Paper labels are durable and long lasting. Paper labels are specially formulated for use in various climates and environments. Paper has outstanding chemical, fade and abrasion resistance.

Hazmat Labels and UN Packaging Labelmaster paper labels are very durable:

  • Adhesives are formulated for use in various climates and environments
  • Once affixed, they won't fade or fall off

PVC-Free Film

PVC-Free Film is durable, strong and offers superior printability. It is printable by thermal transfer and dot matrix. It does not contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin which can be hazardous to health and the environment.

Anatomy of a Label