DOT Hazmat Placard Materials

At Labelmaster, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products. Below is a list of the materials we use to produce our DOT placards.

Enjoy worry- and hassle-free DG shipping when using our durable, fully compliant placards and markings. They feature easily identifiable icons and bright UV inks that resist peeling, chipping and fading, and are available in multiple materials and formats.

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Vinyl is a strong and durable plastic material formed by combining ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl requires very few natural resources to make and utilizes minimal energy to manufacture. Vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity. Vinyl placards pass IMO's 90-day sea water immersion (IMDG

E-Z Removable VinylRemovable VinylPermanent Vinyl
EZ Removable Vinyl PlacardRemovable Vinyl PlacardPermanent Vinyl Placard

Vinyl placard material options include:

  • E-Z Removable Vinyl: can be removed at the destination with little or no residue and can be left on for continued use and removed later.
  • Removable Vinyl: can also be removed at the destination with little or no residue and can be left on for a limited time and removed later.
  • Permanent Vinyl: backed with high-tactile adhesive, so it is not easily removed and ideal for permanent applications.
  • Rigid Vinyl: 20-mil vinyl withstands changing weather conditions and dirt washes off
Rigid VinylTagboard
Rigid Vinyl PlacardTagboard Placard


Tagboard is a sturdy and long lasting type of cardboard ideal for creating heavy-duty placards. Durable and economical tagboard placards are produced on strong 80 kg/176 lb tagboard and protected by a tough polycoating for exceptional resistance to buckling and blowouts in rain, snow, sleet and humid weather conditions.

Vinyl Stick On Placard   Slidemaster and Slide In Placard


Aluminum is a durable, light weight metal that is vital to the transportation industry. The metal is valued for its low density and its corrosion resistant properties. Acrylic paint finish is baked on at 400° for superior durability.

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Magnetic placards are designed for use on steel surfaces. The magnetic backing allows quick application to your trailer or easy removal for use in other locations. Our placards are durable and resistant to peeling, chipping and fading.

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