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One of the true pleasures of the Dangerous Goods Symposium is hearing experienced hazmat professionals explain complicated issues so clearly everyone can understand them. New shippers in the audience have often been heard to say, "Okay, now I get it. Now I know how to make this happen in my operation."

Now you can have that experience with nothing more than a set of headphones: Welcome to Hazmatters—the Dangerously Good Hazmat Podcast!

HazMatters - The Dangerously Good Hazmat Podcast, listen to Hazmat experts discuss the latest issues facing the Dangerous Goods industry.

Hazmatters - The Dangerously Good Hazmat Podcast

Hazmatters LogoJuly 6, 2020 // Episode 05 // #dangerous-goods-transport, #international-dangerous-goods-regulations, #IATA-regulations
Compliance and the Human Factor

In Dangerous Goods, the focus must always be on compliance. Yet even in today's increasingly digital age, the hazmat supply chain contains many human interactions and touch points. How do DG pros account for the human factor in compliance—and how does a global pandemic affect those efforts?

We posed those questions to James Wyatt and Desiree Perez—two experts in Dangerous Goods air transport. Hear their answers in this fascinating podcast!

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Hazmatters LogoJune 15, 2020 // Episode 04 // #labelmaster-software, #dgis-software, #hazmat-shipping-software
Shipping Hazmat from Home

With millions of workers now working from home to slow the spread of COVID-19, organizations at every link of the supply chain are figuring out new processes on the fly. And, as always, Dangerous Goods make everything more complicated.

At times like these, your technical infrastructure can make all the difference. Hazmatters spoke with Mike Graves, VP Product Management at Pierbridge, about the disruptions supply chain organizations now face—and how the right technology can help solve them.

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Hazmatters LogoJune 1, 2020 // Episode 03 // #lithium-batteries, #counterfeit
The Danger of Counterfeit Lithium Batteries

In 2010, a fire aboard UPS Flight 6 caused a crash that cost the lives of both pilots. Investigation of the cargo revealed the presence of significant quantities of substandard lithium ion batteries, yet no shipper of those batteries was ever held to account. Labelmaster Consulting Partner Geoff Leach has devoted his career to preventing this sort of incident. In this podcast, he addresses several important questions.

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Hazmatters LogoMay 4, 2020 // Episode 02 // #hazard-class-3, #limited-quantity, #shipping-hand-sanitizer
Shipping Hand Sanitizer Safely and Compliantly

Senior Consultant Alicia Saenz discusses the regulations governing shipments of hand sanitizer, and how shippers can most efficiently comply with those regulations.

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Infections Substances LabelApril 27, 2020 // Episode 01 // #hazmat, #infectious-substances, #COVID-19
Shipping COVID-19 Patient Specimens Safely and Compliantly

Labelmaster Senior Manager Jay Johnson describes the steps shippers must take to ship COVID-19 patient specimens safely and compliantly.

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