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May 4, 2020 // Season 01 Episode 02 // #hazard-class-3, #limited-quantity, #shipping-hand-sanitizer
Shipping Hand Sanitizer Safely and Compliantly

Labelmaster Senior Consultant Alicia Saenz discusses the regulations governing shipments of hand sanitizer, and how shippers can most efficiently comply with those regulations.

Hand sanitizer has become incredibly important as we work to contain the spread of COVID-19. As distilleries and other businesses switch over production to make hand sanitizer, they need to know how to ship it in compliance with Dangerous Goods regulations.

Saenz details how new hand sanitizer shippers can take advantage of specific relief from PHMSA:

For ground transport of alcohol-based sanitizers with up to 80% alcohol that are manufactured to FDA requirements, shipments are excepted from all hazmat requirements if the following is met:

  • = 1 gal
    • Max 8 gal per package
    • Outer package must be marked with company name and the words "Sanitizer - Contains Ethyl Alcohol" or "Sanitizer - Contains Isopropyl Alcohol" and, if applicable, the overpack.
    • FDA label is acceptable as an alternative marking
  • > 1 gal inner but = 8 gallon per package
    • Same requirements as above but must be Overpacked

She also describes how all shippers can make compliant hand sanitizer shipments more efficiently via the Limited Quantity exception:

  • Not fully regulated, so when the package is properly prepared under the limited quantity exception and the packages bear the limited quantity marking, they:
    • Are excepted from specification packaging requirements
    • Don't need shipping papers
    • Don't need hazard labels, and marks
    • Don't incur hazmat surcharges
  • Still require training
  • Generally easier to ship and lower cost

You can get many of your DG shipping questions answered free at the Labelmaster Regulatory Hotline — 1.800.621.5808, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time, Monday through Friday.