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Hazmatters LogoJune 1, 2020 // Season 01 Episode 03 // #lithium-batteries, #counterfeit
The Danger of Counterfeit Lithium Batteries

In 2010, a fire aboard UPS Flight 6 caused a crash that cost the lives of both pilots. Investigation of the cargo revealed the presence of significant quantities of substandard lithium ion batteries, yet no shipper of those batteries was ever held to account.

Labelmaster Consulting Partner Geoff Leach has devoted his career to preventing this sort of incident. In this podcast, he addresses several important questions:

  • Why is it so difficult to hold parties who place counterfeit or substandard batteries into the supply chain responsible for the damages those batteries may cause?
  • Why can't strict regulations keep counterfeit or substandard lithium batteries off planes?
  • What would be appropriate enforcement measures for manufacturers who knowingly put substandard lithium batteries into the supply chain?

Listen to the podcast to hear Geoff's lively examination of these questions! You can also read his blog post on the danger of counterfeit lithium batteries.

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