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Hazmatters LogoJune 15, 2020 // Season 01 Episode 04 // #labelmaster-software, #dgis-software, #hazmat-shipping-software
Shipping Hazmat from Home

With millions of workers now working from home to slow the spread of COVID-19, organizations at every link of the supply chain are figuring out new processes on the fly. And, as always, Dangerous Goods make everything more complicated.

At times like these, your technical infrastructure can make all the difference. Hazmatters spoke with Mike Graves, VP Product Management at Pierbridge, about the disruptions supply chain organizations now face—and how the right technology can help solve them.

One major disruption is that there’s now a physical separation between frontline workers (such as warehouse personnel) who work on-site and administrative staff who work from home. They can no longer consult face-to-face to make sure Dangerous Goods shipments are handled compliantly.

Given that separation, where does a warehouse picker or packer get guidance about product identification, classification, packaging guidance and instructions?

According to Graves, that’s where a common, cloud-based, remotely accessible platform—such as Pierbridge's multi-carrier management solution, Transtream, integrated with Labelmaster’s DGIS hazmat software—becomes indispensable.

These integrated technologies let the manager and the warehouse worker view the same screen—with the same complete information about the same product—at the same time, so both have full confidence that the shipment will be in full compliance.