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Hazmatters LogoJuly 6, 2020 // Season 01 Episode 05 // #dangerous-goods-transport, #international-dangerous-goods-regulations, #IATA-regulations
Compliance and the Human Factor

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In Dangerous Goods, the focus must always be on compliance. Yet even in today's increasingly digital age, the hazmat supply chain contains many human interactions and touch points. How do DG pros account for the human factor in compliance—and how does a global pandemic affect those efforts?

We posed those questions to James Wyatt and Desiree Perez—two experts in Dangerous Goods air transport. Hear their answers in this fascinating podcast!

Wyatt points out that "the complexity of the Dangerous Goods supply chain requires the right balance of data, human interaction, observation and safety", while Perez adds that organizations must "create an environment that regards people's emotional well-being, a culture where people feel comfortable speaking up if they see something."

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, "Everything that was working a certain way might now work a different way," says Perez. "People have been personally affected, with a high degree of uncertainty. Leaders have to prepare them for the new normal."

"The most critical point," Wyatt adds, "is to execute that change the right way. We have to be analytical and careful. We can't change the complete focus on safety and compliance."

They both stress communication, transparency, openness and—most of all—leadership as the keys to keeping air cargo safe during and after this crisis.

James and Desiree have recently formed a partnership to combine solid aviation experience with human factors and leadership development. Learn more about James and Desiree and their companies at: