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Hazmatters LogoDecember 10, 2020 // Season 01 Episode 06 // #COVID-19-vaccine-transport, #dry-ice-packaging, #UN1845, #liquid-nitrogen-transport, #UN1977
The Huge Challenge of Shipping COVID-19 Vaccines (Part 1 of 2)

Safely transporting hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses will be a massive and phenomenally complex cold chain logistics challenge. Distributing that much vaccine within the tight temperature and time parameters required for efficacy will be an unprecedented job.

Labelmaster Senior Manager Jay Johnson, an expert on cold chain packaging and logistics, shares his insights into what makes this challenge so enormous.

COVID-19 vaccine doses are not themselves Dangerous Goods, but they will need to be manufactured, transported, stored and kept at ultra-cold or even cryogenic temperatures to remain effective. That means dry ice or liquid nitrogen will be involved, —and both are governed by Dangerous Goods restrictions that will impact how vaccines are transported. Labelmaster offers a comprehensive selection of dry ice vaccine packaging suitable for transporting COVID-19 vaccine doses.