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Hazmatters LogoJanuary 6, 2021 // Season 01 Episode 08 // #SouthAmericanDGRegulations, #SouthAmericanHazmatTraining, #MERCOSUR
Harmonizing Hazmat Regulations throughout South America

Just four years ago, regulations for road transport of Dangerous Goods in South America were based on seven different versions of the UN model regulations spanning almost 20 years. A single product could be classified in one way in one country and another class in a neighboring country—so shippers had to change placards and documentation with every border crossing.

That situation is now much simpler, thanks to efforts by Diego Gotelli—Director of the Chemistry Information Center at CIQUIME—to harmonize South American hazmat regulations.

MERCOSUR, the largest free-trade agreement bloc in South America, has agreed to a new agreement based on the 17th version of the UN Model Regulations, establishing a harmonized framework governing packaging, documentation, inspections, violations and sanctions.

Labelmaster now offers an online training course covering these MERCOSUR regulations in English, to help North American shippers transport Dangerous Goods to and through South America safely, efficiently and compliantly.