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Hazmatters - The Dangerously Good Hazmat Podcast

Hazmatters LogoMarch 9, 2021 // Season 02 Episode 01 // #DangerousGoodsTraining, #HazmatTraining, #DGTrainingOnline
Immersive, Game-Inspired Dangerous Goods Training

Featured guests:

  • Rhonda Jessop, Labelmaster Director of Global Learning
  • Rob Finn, Labelmaster Vice President

Anyone involved in the transport of Dangerous Goods must have training, but forward-thinking organizations know effective training can boost an operation’s performance and business value.

As important as training is, online courses haven’t changed much over the years—until now. Labelmaster has just introduced a new, interactive training experience that reinforces what a user learns and lets them play out real-life situations in a fun, game-inspired format.

In this podcast, Rhonda Jessop describes the innovative new experience, and details how users can make mistakes in the module’s warehouse environment, so they perform their jobs more accurately in real life.

Rob Finn discusses the gaps many Dangerous Goods operations still face in their training, and how more advanced online courses can help close those gaps to gain a competitive advantage.

See the complete selection of Labelmaster’s courses available with this 3D training experience.