Regulation Resources

Lithium Batteries
Change is the name of the game in Lithium Batteries. But what doesn't change is the Labelmaster commitment to staying ahead of the most recent hazmat materials regulations, keeping you compliant and giving you peace of mind.

Stay informed and in compliance with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), a consistent labeling classification for shipping dangerous goods around the world that minimizes risk factor and maximizes DG shipping efficiency.

USPS Publication 52
Pub 52 spells out the labeling, packaging, marking, and handling instructions for allowable dangerous goods for postal employees and the general public. Labelmaster offers a complete line of labels, packaging, and markings that meet USPS shipping requirements for lithium batteries.

Common DG Shipping Violations
As your partner in fully customizable software, products, and services, Labelmaster works to help avoid common violations that DG shippers run into. We have documented 7 frequently cited categories of violations that you should be aware of.

UN Markings
Understanding UN markings may seem complicated at first, but this breakdown of each element of UN markings describes how to easily read and identify the code. Take a look at this guide, which is an essential component of hazardous materials packaging.

Hazmat Source - Dangerous Goods 101
Find helpful hints and tons of information for navigating the complicated process of DG shipping, increasing efficiencies and solving common issues in the links below.