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 In today's world of dangerous goods, batteries might be the single greatest compliance challenge. Recent rules changes have forced manufacturers to:

  • Determine which batteries can be transported aboard passenger aircraft — and which ones can't
  • Ensure certain batteries carry no greater than a 30% state-of-charge
  • Interpreting new consignment and overpack restrictions
We help battery companies around the globe handle battery transport challenges every day. That's why companies like yours find the resources they need at Labelmaster.

Top Battery Tools and Resources

Count on these tools and resources to keep your shipments safe, compliant, and on time.

Battery Packaging Products

Lithium Battery/Air Bag Shippers, 24" x 12" x 10" (I.D.)

Obexion - Innovative Battery Packaging Technology

Battery Shipping Kits

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Battery Shipping Labels and Training

Lithium Battery Marks

CHEMTREEC Lithium Battery Marks

Hazard Class 9 Lithium BAttery Labels

Lithium Battery Forbidden Markings

Lithium Battery Labels

Online Training for Lithium Battery Shipping

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Battery Hazmat Placards

Personalized Imprinted 4-Digit Corrosive E-Z Removable Vinyl Placard, Pack of 25

Corrosive Placard, Worded, E-Z Removable Vinyl, Pack of 25

Misc. Dangerous Goods Placard, Worded, E-Z Removable Vinyl, Pack of 25

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How to Ship Lithium Batteries by Air — As of April 1, 2016

Infographic | Lithium Battery Shipping Information

Lithium Battery Resources

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