Helping the Retailers of the World Stay Hazmat-Compliant

 Online or on the shelf, if you sell products that are classified as dangerous goods (or contain dangerous goods), maintaining compliance with ever-changing shipping regulations can be difficult. Some of the challenges retailers face include:

  • Navigating the latest lithium battery regulations
  • Handling reverse logistics with returned products
  • Avoiding shipping delays that lead to stock-outs
Whether you ship across town or across the planet, by land, sea, air, or rail, Labelmaster has the resources and expertise to keep your supply chain moving smoothly.

Revolutionary Packaging for Lithium Batteries

Labelmaster recently partnered with a premier technology provider to design and develop a new lithium battery packaging solution that will transform lithium battery transport. These lithium battery packages will come in single-use fiberboard and multi-use metal packages. The benefits of these packages are:

  • Simple and lightweight — these packages are lighter and far less complex than today’s compliant packaging
  • Packages are shipped fully assembled, no time wasted
  • Require no extra inner packaging, gel-packs, pellets or liners

These packs and boxes help mitigate pressure, fire, flame, gas and ballistic projectile hazards and our Obexion Max products meet the SAE G-27 draft standard, 3rd edition. Get more info about our new lithium battery packaging solution.

Keep Your Retail Shipments Moving

Make sure everything you ship stays compliant and arrives on time!

Retail Labels and Markings

Reverse Logistics Highway Transport Only Under 49 CFR 173.157 Marking, 5" x 3", Paper

Early 49 CFR, Standard Bound, Revised October 2019

Reverse Logistics Highway Transport Only Under 49 CFR 173.157 Marking, 3" x 2", Paper

Limited Quantity Label, Blank, 100mm x 100mm, Paper, Roll of 500

Consumer Commodity ORM-D Label, Roll of 1000

Lithium Battery Handling Label, PVC-Free Film, Personalized

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Spacemaster and Slidemaster Placard Systems

Slidemaster Placard Holder, Full Holder, Anodized Aluminum

8 Legend Flip Placard System for Trailers - Full Frame

Flip Placard Tanker: Flammable, Combustible, Poison, Corrosive

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Packaging Solutions

Lithium Battery Shipping Kit, 16" x 10" x 8"

Red Arrows Up Air Label, Paper, 2 15/16" x 4 1/8"

Glass Pack 6, 32oz Narrow Mouth Bottles, Unassembled, Corrugated

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Infographic | Your Guide to Retail Reverse Logistics

Video | Living the DG Life: Keeping Highways Safe for Hazmat Shipping

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