We have a lot of labels.
PROBLEM SOLVER is our favorite.

Of all the things we do, the most satisfying has to be creating solutions for our clients’ most difficult and unique shipping issues. We love thinking outside of the box and really putting our problem solving skills to the test in order to improve efficiencies, processes and profits. Take a look at some of our handy work and let us know how we can help you tackle some of your most difficult shipping dilemmas.

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Custom Chemical
Drum Labels

These Labels Sparked
Our Imagination

The Perfect Way to
Ship F-style Cans

Emergency Same Day
Label Shipment

The Start of the Fleet
Maintenance Indicator

Solving Tighter
Security Needs

Designing Air Bag Kits
For Tight Spaces

Custom Multi-Panel
Booklet Label

Tamper-Evident Labels

Signs to Keep
Everyone in the Know

Solutions for Safe
Equipment Return

Lithium Battery Forms
Made Simple

Filling Out Hazmat
Forms in No Time

Security Tape to
Secure Pallets

PROBLEM: A manufacturer of specialty chemicals wanted their 10” x 18” drum labels to include multiple regulatory markings.

SOLUTION: Labelmaster created customized labels using fade- resistant ink on pressure- sensitive vinyl with permanent adhesive for long-lasting hold.
PROBLEM: A major chemical plant identified a potentially hazardous situation with the labeling of volatile chemical containers. They had to reduce the possibility of igniting chemical vapors with static discharge when removing the liners from the labels as they were applied.

SOLUTION: After extensive testing we produced a series of custom labels that performed perfectly and uneventfully.
PROBLEM: An international transportation and logistics company was looking for a way to further secure their pallets.

SOLUTION: We customized our tamper evident tape by adding linear inch marks and the company's logo, which could be noted on the shopping papers. This would deter theft because it would be impossible to replace.
PROBLEM: One of the largest global shipping and logistics companies in the world needed a solution for filling out hazmat shipping forms in a timely manner.

SOLUTION: We developed the first hazmat shipping form-filling software.
PROBLEM: A domestic automaker needed an emergency shipment of all-in-one hazard class tab labels.

SOLUTION: We printed and shipped the order that same day.
PROBLEM: An industrial contract logistics company needed a way to ship F-style cans more profitably. Historically they shipped 6 cans in two 4-container boxes.

SOLUTION: We created and tested a 6-container self-dividing fiberboard box that shipped perfectly. Turns out others needed them too, so we stock them. That's a win-win.
PROBLEM: Packaging air bags for recalls required components that dealerships did not want to stock in bulk due to space constraints.

SOLUTION: Airbag shipping kits were put together to address that issue offering flat UN packaging, labels and forms in one convenient pack.
PROBLEM: We had a request from a major retailer; to come up with a way to simplify the many steps needed to meet lithium battery documentation requirements.

SOLUTION: The answer was a personalized, chemical and abrasion resistant, dry-release, peel away documentation in the form of a label, which took the process down to one simple step.
PROBLEM: Our placarding system savant was visiting one of his customers, a top U.S. retailer, when he noticed papers stacked up on the back end of their fleet of trailers. This promoted a conversation about how their drivers use them to indicate that there is maintenance required on their trailer.

SOLUTION: The conversation resulted in the development of the fleet maintenance indicator, used by said retailer today and customized for fleets all across the U.S.
PROBLEM: An office supply retailer needed large quantities of sequentially numbered tamper- evident labels.

SOLUTION: To fulfill this request, Labelmaster created customized labels that were perforated and fan-folded in sets of four.
PROBLEM: A manufacturer with international shipping needs wanted a label that could accommodate multiple pages of text in several languages on a small bottle.

SOLUTION: Labelmaster designed a custom multi-panel “booklet label” for over 100 products compliant with new GHS regulations.
PROBLEM: A wholesale distributor of security and low-voltage products needed tighter inventory control.

SOLUTION: Labelmaster added unique barcodes to each SKU, enabling customers to streamline inventory control and distribution.
PROBLEM: A global healthcare company needed a solution for the safe return of equipment used for home Peritoneal Dialysis exchange and other home healthcare supplies.

SOLUTION: Labelmaster went to work. Kits were created using stock and customer products, that contained all the necessary components-boxes, labels, absorbents, gloves and bio-hazard bags, to facilitate the safe and simple return of equipment for patient/caregiver.
PROBLEM: A leading wireless telecommunication provider needed a sign that would alert first responders, as well as employees, of the hazards associated with the materials they were handling.

SOLUTION: We designed signs that met NFPA 704 requirements combined with Danger headers and messaging, keeping everyone in the know. Some of these signs are now available as stock items.