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Anatomy of a Label Not all labels are created equal. Labelmaster provides the most durable, compliant labels that can help your products get from point A to point B safely and compliantly. There are labels. Then there are Labelmaster labels.

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All Lablemaster Hazard Class Labels meet DOT standards including 
the new design requirements of 49 CFR 172.407.

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When your needs go beyond stock labels, Labelmaster can create a custom solution We'll create labels as unique as your business. Below are some examples of how we've created a solution for customers.

Personalize Proper Shipping Name LabelsKeeping Cars Up to Speed
When a domestic automaker needed an emergency shipment of the all-in-one hazard class tab labels, Labelmaster printed and shipped them out the same day.

A Tiny Container Can Speak Volumes
A manufacturer with international shipping needs, wanted a label that could accommodate multiple pages of text in several languages on a small bottle. Labelmaster designed a custom multi-panel "booklet label" for over 100 products compliant with new GHS regulations.

Get Custom Lithium Battery LabelsMaking Sure Safety Stays Secure
A wholesale distributor of security and low-voltage products needed tighter inventory control. So Labelmaster added unique barcodes to each SKU, enabling customers to streamline inventory control and distribution.

Make it Count
An office supply retailer needed large quantities of sequentially numbered tamper-evident labels. To fulfill this request, Labelmaster created customized labels that were perforated and fan-folded in sets of fours.

Order Custom GHS Drum LabelsRight in Our Element
A manufacturer of specialty chemicals wanted their 10" x 18" format drum labels to include multiple regulatory markings. Labelmaster created customized labels using fade-resistant ink on pressure-sensitive vinyl with permanent adhesive for long-lasting hold.

With the confusing and ever-changing state of shipping regulations, compliance can get complicated. You need a partner that has the knowledge and expertise to stay on top of the laws and always keep you compliant. At Labelmaster, we do more than provide labels. We provide compliance you can count on.