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Moving Dangerous Goods (DG) can be a complicated journey with myriad rules and regulations. We’re here to help. With our finger on the pulse of the DG industry, we believe that all businesses handling DG could use some practical, honest guidance. Given that DG is moved 1.4M times each day in the U.S., there’s nothing more important than the safe and compliant transportation of these items.

Whether you're new to DG shipping or a seasoned veteran, we hope you’ll find the information in these videos useful.

HazMatters - The Dangerously Good Hazmat Podcast, listen to Hazmat experts discuss the latest issues facing the Dangerous Goods industry.

The Master Series Videos features insights and views on a variety of DG topics from Labelmaster professionals.

Living the DG Life explores the day-to-day responsibilities of DG practitioners in the field today.

Hazmatters - The Dangerously Good Hazmat Podcast

Hazmatters LogoDecember 2, 2021 // Season 02 Episode 03 // #supplychain, #aircargo
Snapshot - The Air Cargo Supply Chain, Part 2

Featured guests:

  • James Wyatt, General Manager, aeroconcept

The strain on the air cargo supply chain shows no signs of letting up—especially with the peak holiday season upon us. Demand is accelerating, and capacities are not limitless. What’s the answer?

According to air cargo specialist James Wyatt, Dangerous Goods compliance plays a key role in helping the industry maximize its capacity. “Compliance is absolutely key to ensure that shipments are checked in accordance with the regulations and that they fly as booked within the capacity space that they have been allocated.”

HazMatters spoke with Wyatt for a special, two-part podcast. In part 1, James shared his unique insight into the remarkable performance of the air cargo supply chain.

In part 2, he stresses the need for all shippers—from the largest to the smallest—to prioritize Dangerous Goods compliance for their own benefit, as well as for the health of the entire supply chain.

“It's not just about the cost of packaging, marking, labeling, buying a regulations every year, training your staff—it's about keeping the supply chain secure and safe and that’s the ultimate goal.”

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