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  • Pierbridge Integrates Parcel TMS with Labelmaster Dangerous Goods Software 3/20/2018

    Labelmaster, the leading provider of labels, packaging and technology for the safe and compliant transport of dangerous goods and hazardous materials (hazmat), today announced that it has integrated its Dangerous Goods Information System (DGIS) with Pierbridge, Inc.’s Transtream parcel transportation management system (TMS). The combined solution enables Pierbridge customers to streamline the shipping process of dangerous goods while ensuring compliance with the latest Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

  • What are UN Numbers? 3/20/2018
    The UN number system is administered by the United Nations under its Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (The "Orange Book" or UNMR) and is accepted generally worldwide via its incorporation in the Dangerous Goods Lists (DGL's) present in all in-force modal regulations (ICAO TI, IMDG Code, US 49 CFR, EU ADR, etc).
  • Labelmaster Named Exclusive Label Manufacturer for CHEMTREC® 2/14/2018

    Labelmaster, the leading provider of labels, packaging and technology for the safe and compliant transport of dangerous goods and hazardous materials, today announced that it has been named the exclusive label manufacturer and distributor for CHEMTREC®.

  • UN 1267 Petroleum Crude Oil 9/21/2017
    UN 1267 Petroleum Crude Oil - UN Information from Labelmaster.
  • 49 CFR from Labelmaster 9/21/2017
    If you handle hazardous material or hazardous waste, or if you are a shipper, carrier or freight forwarder, the 49 CFR is a must.
  • Obexion: A Safer Lithium Battery Shipping Solution 9/6/2017

    Dangerous Goods Transport Firm, Aerospace Technology Company Partner to Create Obexion – a Safer One-of-a-Kind Lithium Battery Shipping Solution

    Obexion Will Meet Proposed ICAO Standards; DOT Issues Special Permit

  • Labelmaster Celebrates 50th Anniversary 8/31/2017
    Labelmaster has offered products and services to help companies ship safer since 1967.
  • Dangerous Goods Symposium - September 6-8 8/9/2017
    Labelmaster hosts the 12th annual symposium for professionals involved in transportation of dangerous goods at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, IL.
  • Keys to DG/Hazmat Shipping Compliance 4/24/2017
    From the Inbound Logistics website... The Keys to Dangerous Goods/Hazmat Shipping Compliance an article by Rob Finn, Labelmaster's Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.
  • Safe Revolutionary Packaging for Lithium Batteries 4/17/2017

    Labelmaster is introducing simple, lightweight lithium battery packaging that contains pressure, fire, flames, gasses, and ballistic projectiles. This packaging meets ICAO G-27 draft standards.

  • Carrier Specific Battery Shipping Policies 4/10/2017

    FedEx, UPS, and USPS continue to change their battery shipping policies. Let Labelmaster help you understand these changes.

  • What is a frustrated shipment? 4/7/2017

    Do you know what a frustrated shipment is? Labelmaster does and we know it will cost your company time and money.

  • Labelmaster's Lithium Battery Resources 4/7/2017

    Labelmaster has gathered all their lithium battery resources and linked them from one resource page. We keep you up-to-date on all lithium battery industry news.

  • Is your company dealing with DG? 4/6/2017

    Labelmaster is working to provide the best possible solutions for all industries that manufacture, ship, receive, or handle hazardous materials or dangerous goods.

  • New Online Hazmat Training Courses Available 3/23/2017
    Labelmaster delivers 3 new online training courses... Anyone who handles hazmat is required by the regulations to have up-to-date training. Labelmaster can help you meet regulatory training requirements, so your company can focus on what’s most important—getting your shipments from point A to point B safely and compliantly.
  • Optimizing the Lithium Battery Supply Chain 3/21/2017
    From the EBN Online Newswire... Meeting Major Logistics Challenge: How Global Robotics Manufacturer Optimized Lithium Battery Supply Chain Shipping. A story about how Omron Adept Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Omron Corporation, faced a major logistics challenge.
  • What is Reverse Logistics? 2/22/2017
    Reverse logistics is conventional logistics in the opposite direction — goods moving from the customer back to the manufacturer or distributor. There are two types of reverse logistics: consumer returns to stores and store returns to the manufacturer or distributor. Each poses unique challenges for companies that ship electronics and other dangerous goods.
  • Labelmaster's 2017 Catalog 1/26/2017
    View Labelmaster's 2017 Product Catalog. Over 300 pages of products to help keep your company and your dg shipments complaint.
  • DGIS Software Certified as FedEx DG Ready 1/23/2017
    Labelmaster DGIS Software Certified as FedEx® DG Ready Solution: DGIS Software Toolkit Offers Guidance for Compliance, Packaging, Marking and Labeling FedEx® Shipments
  • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Updated 1/3/2017
    IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Updated to Reflect 2017-2018 ICAO Technical Instructions
  • Survey Shows Hazmat Transport Pros Lack Confidence 11/1/2016
    Dangerous Revelation: Survey shows hazmat transport pros lack confidence that supply chain meets compliance rules. Many new, complex regs, lack of C-Suite focus present challenges.
  • Many Challenges When Shipping Lithium Batteries 10/26/2016
    Companies shipping defective, damaged lithium batteries face many challenges. The Samsung recall highlights risks involved. Labelmaster offers new economical solution for shipping defective lithium batteries.
  • New Book Combos Available 10/13/2016
    New dangerous goods IATA and 49 CFR book combos are now available.
  • Shipping Defective, Damaged Lithium Batteries 9/6/2016
    Labelmaster now provides a new option that allows businesses to ship such products via ground at a reduced expense based on a special permit from the Department of Transportation (DOT) to offer an innovative packaging design solution. The Labelmaster alternative packaging allows companies to not only transport damaged lithium batteries by ground using less expensive materials but also gives them relief from shipping small cells and batteries as fully regulated taking into account that shipments needs to be sent by consumers and retail employees.
  • Return to Sender: Dangerous Goods 8/31/2016
    Steps for Retailers to Keep Customer Returns of Dangerous Goods Compliant.
  • Labelmaster: Anti-Static Drum Labels 8/10/2016
    Labelmaster has developed durable anti-static drum labels called electrostatic dissipative (ESD) labels.
  • Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 6 8/4/2016
    Labelmaster has released the Dangerous Goods Report - Vol. 6 - The Elements of Compliant Packaging.
  • Labelmaster Takes the Charge Out of Labels 7/27/2016

    Labels that carry a strong electrostatic charge add unwanted risk when labeling in fuel-rich, volatile vapor-filled environments. To make hazardous materials labeling safer and protect workers, Labelmaster has developed durable anti-static drum labels – called electrostatic dissipative (ESD) labels – made of materials that naturally dissipate static charges faster than traditional vinyl drum labels.

  • Abe Samuels - He's the Guy 7/14/2016
    Abe Samuels - He's the guy who designed those hazard signs on trucks.
  • Handling DOT and GHS Regulations 6/29/2016

    Brian Beets, regulatory specialist at Labelmaster, looks at the key requirements for compliance with a complex web of legislation. Here he looks at handling DOT and GHS regulations.

  • DG Pioneer Jeanne Zmich Retiring from Labelmaster 6/16/2016

    Dangerous Goods (DG) regulations compliance pioneer Jeanne Zmich retiring from Labelmaster. After more than four decades at the forefront of dangerous goods (DG) regulatory compliance, Jeanne Zmich, vice president of research & development for Chicago-based Labelmaster, is retiring this month.

  • Bill Barger Joins Labelmaster 6/6/2016
    Bill Barger, an expert in hazmat/dangerous goods (DG) packaging with 30 years of industry experience, has joined Labelmaster as senior product manager to lead the company’s Packaging Product Line.
  • Abe Samuels Retires After 40 Years at Labelmaster 5/18/2016

    The distinguished and nearly never-ending dangerous goods shipping career of 95-year-old Abe Samuels finally concludes when his employer of 40 years, Labelmaster, hosts a retirement celebration here May 26.

  • Handling DOT and GHS Regulations 5/12/2016
    The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) deadlines that went into effect June 1 and December 1, 2015, respectively, have had a significant impact on US chemical manufacturers and distributors. Get more in our Handling DOT and GHS Regulations article.
  • Frustrated Shipment Cost Calculator 5/11/2016
    Have you ever wondered how much a frustrated shipment can cost you? Try Labelmaster's Frustrated Shipment Cost Calculator.
  • How Retailers Can Cope with New Regulations 4/19/2016

    Devices powered by lithium batteries grow more popular every year, which means industries of all of kinds are shipping such products to a wide range of locations. But retailers face the greatest frequency and variety of shipping challenges, particularly if planning to transport the batteries and products by air. The latest regulations don't make it any easier.

  • 10 Tips to Simplifying the CFR Shipping Rules 4/11/2016
    Even Einstein would have trouble understanding hazardous materials or dangerous goods (DG) regulations, agree 56 percent of respondents to a recent Labelmaster survey - get Labelmaster's 10 Tips to Simplifying the CFR Shipping Rules.
  • Labelmaster Offers Combo Lithium Battery Labels 4/4/2016
    Recent changes in lithium battery shipping regulations now require the use of both handling and documentation labels on many packages carrying lithium batteries. One way retailers can best comply is the use of combo 2-in-1 handling labels.
  • Shipping Limited Quantities 3/30/2016
    You may be shipping hazmat and not even know it. Many businesses are surprised to find out that commonly shipped products are often classified as hazmat under the U.S. Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Regulations.
  • Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 5 3/24/2016
    Labelmaster has released the Dangerous Goods Report - Vol. 5 - Lithium Battery Shipping - Retail Roles with the Changes
  • Labelmaster Offers 2-in1 Lithium Battery Labels 3/23/2016
    Recent changes in lithium battery shipping regulations now require the use of both handling and documentation labels on many packages carrying lithium batteries. One way retailers can best comply is the use of combo 2-in-1 handling labels.
  • 2016 ERGs Shipping in May 3/2/2016

    This just in... The 2016 ERG books will start shipping in May. Don't wait, get yours today!

  • How to Ship Lithium Batteries By Air - 4/1/2016 3/1/2016

    Have you seen all the headlines lately about shipping lithium batteries by air? How are you supposed to keep up with what's compliant, and what isn't?

  • March 2016 Promotions 3/1/2016
    During the month of March save up to 25% OFF on these selected green products! Sale prices are good through March 31, 2016.
  • Label Templates are Back 2/22/2016

    Are you buying blank stock labels from us? If so you may need help printing to these labels.

  • Lithium Batteries as Cargo Update III 2/22/2016
    On 22 February the ICAO Council adopted the recommendation of the ICAO Air Navigation Commission (ANC) that lithium ion batteries, UN 3480, Packing Instruction 965 only, be forbidden, on an interim basis, as cargo on passenger aircraft.
  • Label Finder and Shipping Name Tool 2/9/2016

    Use Labelmaster's Label Finder tools to find the hazard class labels you need, both 4x4 and proper shipping name labels are easy to find.

  • Labelmaster Reduces Prices on Top Labels! 1/28/2016
    Save money, minimize risk, and ensure you stay compliant with newly reduced pricing on some of our most popular labels.
  • February 2016 Promotions 1/28/2016
    Stock-up now and save on these cold-weather essentials! Sale prices are good through February 29, 2016.
  • Labelmaster's Placard Finder Relaunch! 1/20/2016
    Labelmaster relaunches their customer friendly placard finder tool.
  • 2015 Regulations In Review Infographic 1/8/2016
    Have you seen Labelmaster's 2015 Regulations in Review Infographic?
  • Labelmaster Now an IATA Platinum Sales Agent 11/13/2015

    Labelmaster aims to simplify dangerous goods air shipping compliance with IATA platinum sales agent distribution agreement. Labelmaster, the leading hazardous material transport compliance provider, will offer a full suite of IATA regulatory publications.

  • Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 4 11/4/2015
    Labelmaster has release the Dangerous Goods Report - Vol. 4 - DG Regulation 2015 Review - 2016 Preview.
  • Simplifying the 49 CFR Shipping Rules 10/19/2015
    In order to ascertain how shippers of hazardous materials are complying with the complex sets of regulations they face, Labelmaster conducted a survey.
  • DGIS Now Certified as Powered by SAP 10/8/2015
    Labelmaster Software announced today that its Dangerous Goods Information System (DGIS) 2.2 product has achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.
  • Focus Enforcement on Foreign Battery Makers 9/25/2015
    The International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations is pushing for tighter regulations, such as requiring lithium battery packaging to pass internal and external fire tests.
  • Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 3 8/24/2015
    Labelmaster has release the Dangerous Goods Report - Vol. 3 - Insights on Hazmat Issues.
  • Labelmaster Offers 2016 Edition of the ERG 8/20/2015
    The ERG is a go-to manual to help responders quickly identify the specific or generic classification of the hazardous material or materials that may be involved in an incident, which helps protect themselves and the general public during the initial response phase.
  • 2016 ERG Infographic 8/18/2015
    Who needs the ERG? How does the ERG work? What's new in the 2016 ERG? Find out now!
  • Dangerous Goods Symposium 8/7/2015
    A limited number of spots are still available for Labelmaster's Dangerous Goods Symposium.
  • Pre-Order the 2016 ERG Now 8/7/2015
    Be the first to reserve your copy of the 2016 ERG. Pre-order from Labelmaster today.
  • Labelmaster's DG Survey Coverage 7/24/2015
    Labelmaster's DG survey is a hit across industry.
  • Are You Packaging Dangerous Goods? 7/23/2015
    A recent survey of shipping executives on the transport of hazardous materials – also called dangerous goods (DG) – finds that the majority (59%) of respondents find it challenging to keep up with ever-changing DG regulations.
  • Innovative Solutions 7/17/2015
    Labelmaster works to help customers with their most challenging and unique DG shipping issues.
  • Simplifying the 49 CFR Shipping Rules 7/6/2015
    When people agree that Einstein might have trouble understanding 49 CFR shipping requirements, the solution is to approach them using a step-by-step process.
  • Complying With Dangerous Goods Transport Regs 7/6/2015
    Complying With Dangerous Goods Transport Regs - Audit Can Reveal Gaps, Dangers, and Remedies
  • Hazardous Materials Identification System Labels 7/2/2015
    Announcement - Labelmaster has partnered with the American Coatings Association to offer Hazardous Materials Identification System Labels.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Hazmat 7/2/2015
    A Beginner's Guide to Hazmat - The basics for shipping hazmat safely and comply with current regulations.
  • Common DG Shipping Violations 6/29/2015
    Labelmaster works to help avoid common dangerous goods shipping violations.
  • USPS Publication 52 6/15/2015
    Publication 52 — Important Updates to USPS Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dangerous Goods 6/10/2015
    Did you know that perfumes, nail polish and adhesives are considered "dangerous goods?" Almost every industry involved in any type of manufacturing and distribution transports materials classified by government agencies as hazardous.
  • I Want You Harmonized 6/8/2015
    I Want You Harmonized - More GHS Information
  • Controversy Over Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air 6/4/2015
    The Controversy Over Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air and how the airlines are taking action.
  • Lithium Battery Shipments 4/20/2015
    Lithium Battery Shipments Face Challenges as Regulators and Airlines Impose Additional Restrictions
  • Dangerous Goods Report II - Cover Story: GHS 4/2/2015
    Dangerous Goods Report II - Cover Story: GHS
  • Audits Advised for Dangerous Goods Transport 3/23/2015
    Audits Advised for Dangerous Goods Transport
  • DOT's Lithium Battery Final Rule Takes Effect 3/2/2015
    DOT's Lithium Battery Final Rule Takes Effect
  • Does Your Company Comply 2/20/2015
    Does Your Company Comply With Dangerous Goods Transport Regs?
  • Lithium Battery Webinar 1/21/2015
    View our latest lithium battery webinar.
  • Lithium Battery Resources 1/20/2015

    Labelmaster, a leading provider of solutions for hazardous material transport compliance, offers a comprehensive line of resources designed to help businesses adapt operations to the new lithium battery regulation requirements.

  • Help Ensure a Smooth Supply Chain 1/19/2015
    Take Charge: Follow New Regulations to Help Ensure a Smooth Supply Chain