What is a Flip Placard?

Thursday, October 18, 2018
A flip placard is a metal placarding system that allows you to change the DOT placard legend. Some flip placard systems also allow you to change the UN ID numbers to match your dangerous goods - hazmat commodity. Self-contained, these aluminum alloy placard panels slide over easily on aluminum hinges and use strong secure clips to lock the panels in place during your haul. Find out more about flip placards.

Labelmaster Flip Placard Systems

Spacemaster - The original flip placard system
Duo-Flip Placards - The ultimate in convenience, flexibility, and efficiency
Slidemaster - The Slide-in Placard Holder

What Makes Up a Best-in-Class, Safe and Secure Flip Placard?

You don't want to cut corners when purchasing a flip placard system. Labelmaster's Spacemaster is the original, pioneered in the late 1970's and optimized by the original designers, Labelmaster provides the proven best-in-class flip placard system.

  1. Strong Metal Frame
  2. Flip Hinges
  3. Secure Clips
  4. Mounting Sockets
  5. Compliant Placard Panels
  6. Numbers for UN IDs
Find out more about flip placards.