Effective Immediately - New PHMSA Rules for Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries

Friday, March 8, 2019

Extra Labels Required

PHMSA Issued a Ruling to Harmonize the 49 CFR with ICAO Rules -- Read Below for What You Need to Know to Stay Compliant

An extra labeling requirement was announced by PHMSA that aligns DOT 49 CFR with ICAO's rules. These rules mostly impact road and rail shipments of stand alone lithium ion batteries (also mandatory for those contained in/packed with shipments that exceed 11 lbs.).

The bottom line is if your shipments meet these criteria, you will need two labels. One is the new lithium battery marking, and two is either a label that states. "LITHIUM ION BATTERIES -- FORBIDDEN FOR TRANSPORT ABOARD PASSENGER AIRCRAFT" or a "CARGO AIRCRAFT ONLY" companion label.


Read more information in our Extra Labels for Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries blog post.

Lithium Battery Shipping Former Box Labeling
Former Box Labeling

Lithium Battery Shipping New Requirement with Companion Labeling
New Requirement with Companion Labeling