Labelmaster is proud to announce that our Obexion lithium battery packaging won the Industrial Packaging Award for Excellence in Transit Packaging. Obexion was selected for enabling the safe and compliant transport of lithium batteries and was recognized during Industrial Pack 2019 in Atlanta on March 27, 2019. View and shop the complete line of award-winning Obexion lithium battery packaging. And keep tuning in for more news about Obexion!

Obexion Packaging Reduces the Risks of Lithium Battery Fires

Advanced Technology Simplifies Safer Battery Transport

New Obexion packaging — exclusively from Labelmaster — is a complete line of protective packaging solutions engineered specifically for shipping and storing lithium batteries and devices that contain them.

  • Represents a fundamental shift in packaging technology
  • Packaging options range from basic fire retardance (Obexion Pro) to enhanced thermal runaway mitigation (Obexion Max)
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations

Obexion Will Change the Way You Transport and Store Batteries

Obexion Max Thermal Runaway Test

The Ultimate in Thermal Runaway Containment

Ideal for shipping damaged, defective or recalled lithium batteries and/or equipment containing them, Obexion Max packaging mitigates risk via the use of the Obexion Technology Suite – flame retardance, thermal management, pressure management, blast and projectile containment, flame arrestment, flammable & hazardous gas filtration and smoke filtration - yet requires no gel packs, beads, heavy liners, pellets, or fillers.

Obexion Max boxes arrive assembled with simple, easy to use closure instructions helping you effectively and efficiently transport the batteries cost effective and compliant. Plus…they are 100% recyclable and is non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Obexion Max packaging has been issued a US DOT Special Permit authorizing the packaging for transporting damaged, defective, or recalled phones, laptops, tablets, and batteries by ground. Single-use fiberboard options and multiple-use metal options are available.

Obexion Products are Lightweight, Easy-to-Use, and Fire-Retardant

Fire-retardant, single-use Obexion Pro boxes are ideal when an added level of protection beyond a corrugated box is needed. Perfect for battery recycling companies and other applications for safely shipping recycled batteries or battery-powered devices by ground. This simple, lightweight technology:

  • Single use fire retardant corrugated box
  • Large box designed to hold mixed loads of lithium ion and non-lithium batteries for recycling or disposal when shipping by ground (Special DOT Permit 20527)
  • Laptop sized and mobile phone sized box to transport single phone or tablet with battery in the device

Obexion Pro give you confidence to ship lithium batteries or devices by simply packing them into a Obexion box and sealing it — no gel packs, beads, pellets, or liners required.

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