Obexion Packaging Reduces the Risks of Lithium Battery Fires

Advanced Technology Simplifies Safer Battery Transport

New Obexion packaging — exclusively from Labelmaster — is a complete line of protective packaging solutions engineered specifically for mitigating the fire-related risks of lithium batteries and devices that contain them.

Lightweight, easy-to-use, and cost-effective, Obexion's innovative technology defines a new standard in how to ship lithium batteries. This battery packaging is:

  • Easy-to-use — No gels, pellets, or heavy liners
  • Scalable — Works for most lithium batteries that must be transported
  • Customizable — Off-the-shelf sizes for common applications or this packaging can be sized to your requirements
  • Passive — Reduces training time
  • Environmentally Safe — No toxic or hazardous chemicals means no special handling

Obexion Will Change the Way You Transport and Store Batteries

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Lightweight, Easy-to-Use, and Fire-Resistant

Fire-resistant, single-use Obexion Pro boxes are ideal when an added level of fire protection is needed. Perfect for battery recycling companies and other applications for safely shipping recycled batteries or battery-powered devices by ground. This simple, lightweight technology:

  • Reduces the risk of fire spreading from the box
  • Dramatically reduces the viability of the box itself as a fuel source
  • Provides additional time for transport personnel to react to smoke/fire in the box

Obexion Pro give you confidence to ship lithium batteries or devices by simply packing them into a Obexion box and sealing it — no gels, pellets, or liners required.

Watch what happens (and what doesn't happen) when we ignite
an assortment of batteries inside an Obexion Pro box.

The Ultimate in Thermal Runaway Containment

Ideal for shipping damaged, defective, used, or recalled equipment or batteries, Obexion Max packaging substantially mitigates the risk of fires by containing pressure, fire, flames, gasses, and ballistic projectiles, yet requires no gel packs, heavy liners, pellets, or fillers.

Obexion Max packaging has been issued a US DOT Special Permit certifying that the packaging is compliant for transporting damaged, defective, or recalled phones, laptops, tablets, and batteries by ground. Single-use fiberboard options and multiple-use metal options are available.

Obexion Max products coming soon. Check back for availability.

Watch for the puff of smoke — that's Obexion Max fiberboard containing a 400°C lithium battery fire.
This Obexion Max metal box doesn't just contain a 500°C lithium battery fire — it protects most of the batteries inside as well.

Which Obexion Packaging Do You Need?

^ The descriptions of this Capabilities and Benefits above are intended to provide high-level differences between the four packaging options. For full explanations of the specific performance criteria, please ask our packaging experts for additional Obexion information.

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