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Don't Let Your Hazmat Placards Fail

Dont let your placards fail.

Your Dangerous Goods shipments require hazard class placards to be compliant. But all placards are not the same.

A placard that's perfect for one journey might be totally wrong for another. When a placard is wrong for the job, it can fail—and placard failures cost you money.

Labelmaster placards don't fall off.
Labelmaster placards don't fade.Labelmaster placards don't tear.Labelmaster placards ink does not run.
If your placard falls off?
You're getting fined.
If your placard fades and becomes hard to read?
Your shipment's held up.
If your placard tears?
Your shipment's getting returned.
If your placard's ink runs?
You're getting fined again.

Failure is not an option. You need the right placard for every shipment.

How to Get Your Placards Right

Only Labelmaster offers the widest, most complete selection of placards in the industry, so you can always find exactly the right placard for any shipment or situation.

How to Get Your Placards Right

Adhesive Placards

Icon - Extreme ConditionsExtreme Conditions
New! Placards engineered with application-specific materials and exclusive adhesives to endure the harshest conditions the supply chain can dish out.

Icon - Permanent VinylPermanent Vinyl
Ideal for shipping by sea, these pass IMO’s 90-day seawater immersion test (BS5609). Their aggressive acrylic adhesive is specifically developed to adhere to all types of metal and polyethylene with more than 15 hours of expected shear strength. Also qualified for land and air.

Icon - Removable VinylRemovable Vinyl
A general-purpose emulsion acrylic that bonds well to metal, plastic and corrugate. 3.1 mil flexible vinyl film provides 2-year outdoor durability for ground and air shipments.

Non-Adhesive Placards

Icon - TagboardTagboard
Coated to withstand a 30-day exposure to open weather conditions. 15pt thick, 176 lb. stock to resist buckling and blowouts. Perfect for one or two trips by land or air.

Icon - Rigid VinylRigid Vinyl
Ideal for repeated use in Slidemaster® holders, multiple trips and in harsh weather conditions for land, sea and air shipments.

Icon - AluminumAluminum
Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy makes these ideal for long-term use via land, sea, and air.

Placarding Systems

Slidemaster® Holder
Slide placards in or out in seconds — no tools required.

Spacemaster® Placarding System
Save time with up to 18 long-lasting aluminum placard panels in a single frame.

Duo-Flip® Placarding System
Shipping multiple commodities in bulk? Change your UN ID number in seconds!

To Select the Right Placard, You Must Consider:

Duration: How long does the placard need to stay on?

How long does the placard need to stay on?

Application: What are you applying the placards to? Base your choice on Duration and Conditions.

Truck Trailer, Rail Car, Tank CarTruck Trailer, Rail Car, Tank Car
Duration should be your most important consideration. Change loads often? Consider placard systems.
Intermodal ContainerIntermodal Container
Permanent vinyl and extreme UV adhere well to uneven surfaces. Change loads often? Consider placard systems.
Portable TankPortable Tank
Removable vinyl and permanent vinyl conform best to tank contours. Also consider extreme cold, oil tolerant or UV, based on conditions.

Consider the smoothness of the surface. For rougher surfaces, permanent vinyl or extreme UV are recommended.
Flexible Bulk PackagingFlexible Bulk Packaging
For laminated, woven sack packaging, permanent vinyl, extreme cold, or extreme UV are recommended.
Unlike many competitors’ placards, our adhesive placards have been independently lab-tested on corrugated substrates.

Mode: What transport mode are you using?

Mode - AirMode - RoadMode - RailMode - Sea

Air, Road, or Rail
Base your choice on Duration, Conditions, and Application. Change loads often? Consider placard systems.

Base your choice on Duration, Conditions, and Application. Look for the IMDG 90-day sea immersion certification. Permanent vinyl and extreme UV are excellent choices.

Conditions: What conditions will your shipment endure?

Cold EnvironmentsCold Environments
Placards that stay stuck down to -320°F. Perfect for trucks, trains, and ships moving through brutal winters.
Oily SurfacesOily Surfaces
How much time can your teams save if they don’t have to clean and prep oily surfaces before application?
Wet SurfacesWet Surfaces
Humid warehouses can make corrugated tank cars, portable tanks, and totes too slippery for normal placards, but not for these.

Solvent ExposureSolvent Exposure
Placards used in chemical transport need superior resistance to a variety of harsh chemicals. Protect printed information without the expense of an overlaminate.

Ultraviolet ExposureUltraviolet Exposure
High-performance placards that extend outdoor durability for trucks, trains, and ships exposed to constant sunlight. BS5609-compliant and UL969-recognized for indoor and outdoor applications.

Change Placards Instantly Whenever Your Load Changes


Shipping multiple commodities? Never be without the right placards. Includes up to 18 long-lasting aluminum placard panels in a single frame.


Shipping multiple commodities in bulk? Convenient and durable Duo-Flip® systems allow you to change your UN ID number in seconds!


Slide any placard in or out without a hitch—no tools required.