Labelmaster Partners with The Dangerous Goods Office Ltd. & Viking Packing

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

International Dangerous Goods Specialists Join Hazmat Solution Provider as Strategic Partners to Help Companies Comply with Shipping Regulations and Maintain a Safe Global Supply Chain

Labelmaster, the leading provider of products, services and technology for the safe and compliant transport of dangerous goods (DG) and hazardous materials (hazmat), today announced the addition of two new strategic consulting partners – Geoff Leach, principal of United Kingdom-based The Dangerous Goods Office Limited, and Dave Weilert, president of Viking Packing.

Geoff Leach has become an internationally-recognized specialist on the transport of dangerous goods. His background includes 30 years at the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), where he was head of the CAA’s Dangerous Goods Office and served as a UK member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Panel – and was elected Chairman in 2007. In 2014, Leach left the CAA and, in partnership with Viking Packing, formed The Dangerous Goods Office Ltd, which offers aviation dangerous goods training and consultancy to the industry and regulators around the world. In 2016, Leach received the George L. Wilson Award, which is considered the highest form of recognition for an individual based on a lifetime of achievement in advancing the cause of safety in the transport of dangerous goods. Geoff continues to attend ICAO meetings on behalf of the Dangerous Goods Advisory Council (DGAC).

“Dangerous goods shipping is complex and challenging, making it important for shippers to have the right resources and processes in place,” said Leach. “The partnership of The Dangerous Goods Office and Viking Packing with Labelmaster presents a tremendous opportunity to help companies shipping dangerous goods establish safe and compliant practices and identify process gaps that put their global supply chain at risk.”

As president of Viking Packing, Weilert has helped the company become a leading manufacturer and distributor of packing solutions. Weilert acquired Viking Packing in 2005, helping the company expand its capabilities, products and services, as well as partner with Leach to form The Dangerous Goods Office Ltd. Weilert added, “In addition to the consulting support and industry expertise Geoff will provide, Viking Packing will work to supplement Labelmaster’s packaging solutions to deliver even greater value to its customers.”

Addressing Today’s DG Shipping Challenges

With thousands of items classified as “dangerous” and regulations continuing to expand, shipping hazmat can have serious operational, financial and environmental ramifications for companies. Yet, despite the importance of compliance in the supply chain, there is a general lack of confidence among DG professionals in their organization’s ability to meet changing compliance mandates. In fact, according to a recent Labelmaster global survey of dangerous goods professionals:

  • 51 percent found it challenging to keep up with the latest regulations

  • 28 percent were not confident or unsure that they can ensure DG regulatory compliance across their organization

  • 15 percent believe their company’s infrastructure ability to quickly adapt to regulatory and supply chain changes is “lagging behind the industry;” 65 percent said it is “current, but needs updating”

For many, these challenges are tied to inadequate infrastructure and training. In fact:

  • 28 percent rely solely on manual processes for hazmat compliance

  • 25 percent feel that their training does not adequately prepare employees to comply with DG shipping regulations

Labelmaster President Alan Schoen said, “The risk associated with shipping and handling dangerous goods is greater than ever; unfortunately, many organizations put their company’s operational efficiency, competitive agility, reputation and bottom line at risk by not having the necessary knowledge, infrastructure and training to ensure compliance across the supply chain. Partnering with The Dangerous Goods Office Ltd and Viking Packing supports our commitment to helping our customers simplify the complexities of DG transport by offering the industry’s best packaging, services and guidance to handle and ship hazmat in a safe, compliant and efficient manner.”

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