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Hazard Class 1 Labels

For Hazard Class 1 Explosives UN Numbers, please browse our Hazard Class 1 Labels.

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Browse the DOT hazmat labels available by clicking a hazard class title or by clicking
a hazmat label. You will find links to both regulated and non-DOT regulated labels below.

Hazard Class 1: Explosives (Class 1.1-1.6, Compatibility Groups A-L)

DOT Hazard Class 1.1A Explosives LabelDOT Hazard Class 1.2B Explosives LabelDOT Hazard Class 1.3C Explosives LabelDOT Hazard Class 1.4B Explosives LabelDOT Hazard Class 1.5D Explosives Label

Hazard Class 2: Gases
(Flammable, Non-Flammable, OxygenInhalation Hazard)

DOT Hazard Class 2, Flammable Gas LabelDOT Hazard Class 2, Non-Flammable Gas LabelDOT Hazard Class 2, Oxygen LabelDOT Hazard Class 2, Inhalation Hazard Label

Hazard Class 3:
Flammable Liquids

DOT Hazard Class 2, Flammable Liquid Label

Hazard Class 4: Flammable Solids
(Flammable Solid, Spontaneously Combustible,
Dangerous When Wet)

DOT Hazard Class 4, Flammable Solid LabelDOT Hazard Class 4, Spontaneously Combustible LabelDOT Hazard Class 4, Dangerous When Wet Label

Hazard Class 5:Oxidizer and Organic Peroxide

DOT Hazard Class 5, Oxidizer LabelDOT Hazard Class 5, Organic Peroxide Label

Hazard Class 6: Poison/Toxic
(Toxic, Poison, PG III, Inhalation Hazard, Infectious Substances)

DOT Hazard Class 6, Toxic LabelDOT Hazard Class 6, Poison LabelDOT Hazard Class 6, PG III LabelDOT Hazard Class 6, Inhalation Hazard LabelDOT Hazard Class 6, Infectious Substances Label

Hazard Class 7: Radioactive (I, II, III, Fissile)

DOT Hazard Class 7, Radioactive I LabelDOT Hazard Class 7, Radioactive II LabelDOT Hazard Class 7, Radioactive III LabelDOT Hazard Class 7, Fissile Label

Hazard Class 8:Corrosive

DOT Hazard Class 8, Corrosive Label

Hazard Class 9:Miscellaneous

DOT Hazard Class 9, Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods Label

Labelmaster's DOT hazard class labels meet the design requirements of 49 CFR DOT regulations, ICAO and other international air regulations, and IMDG regulations. Hazard class labels measure 100mm x 100mm and are printed with light-fast inks for high durability. Our hazmat labels are available in both paper and weather-resistent PVC-Free film material with pressure sensitive adhesive. See our hazmat label material descriptions. PVC-Free film hazmat labels meet the IMO 90-day sea water immersion test specifications in section

We offer much more than standard DOT hazard class labels. We also provide blank and pre-printed stock
proper shipping name labels and international wordless hazmat labels within each hazard class category.

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